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I am putting together a Sea Scout Jeopardy (for Power Point) for our upcoming Sea Scout Regatta. For some reason I have a mental block on categories. So far I have

"Knot what you expect"--Knot recognition and usage

"Ranks and Awards"--all about the SS ranks and Venturing awards

"Know Your Boats"--boat identification

"Scuttlebutt"--a type of potpourri of Sea Scout info


I am looking for two additional categories. There is already a "Rules of the Road" event, so I don't want to repeat this. Any more ideas?

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Not trained as SS but curios: Do you have to recognize pennants? If so "Flags Aplenty" or "Pennant perchance"


You can allways add Historical Nautical lore such as terms like starbard/larbard, Lee, Mizzen,... Research the histories of them and add them as a catagory "Nautical History". I'm sure there are a few old Botswain Mates that have some good words or historical quotes (usable by Scouts) that can be researched.


Just my $0.02



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Good suggestions all.


Our regatta is small, so I am trying not to focus on topics where one unit is markedly stronger than another. As an example, one ship actively competes in (or assists with) yacht racing, while the other wouldn'd know a yacht race from a bridge of honor.


I also have a "Nautical and Sea Scout" history category, but I didn't list it hoping for something different; same is true for "Safety Afloat." Looks like, per your suggestions, these are the right categories after all. I was under the impression that it would be difficult to find "fair" questions from these groups, but prehaps if I focus on what is in the SSM, it will be as reasonable as I could expect.


Anyone who wants a copy of this is welcome to PM me with their email and I will forward it to you. So far, it has turned out to be really good.

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