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Den chief Award with Venturing uniform

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My son earned the Den Chief Service Award (Red, White and Blue Shoulder Cord) while he was in a Troop and has asked me if he can wear this with his Green Venturing Uniform.


I couldnt find the answer searching the Web and would like to know if the BSA says it is OK or not to wear this with the Venturing uniform.


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Did similar research for my older son. Never could find anything that said no. He wears it on his Venturing Uniform while working on Camp Staff at summer camp. He says it is the award he is most proud of and wants to wear it forever - even now that he is an adult.


I'm sure someone on this forum will find the correct regulations on this.(This message has been edited by gwd-scouter)

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Good question.


Per the Venturing/Ranger Handbook. Venturers may be Den Chiefs. Also, per the Den Chief Handbook. Den Chiefs may earn and wear the Award.


But per the Insignia Guide on scouting.org, it states Boy Scouts (without stating Venturers).


I would vote for yes. He should be able to wear it, till 21.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv



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If it fits.


Those things are made to fit kids with arms the size of a stick. My son is built like a 100 year old Oak tree. He is big, and solid. The regular cords fit him for maybe 2 years, then got uncomfortable. He has never been able to wear the Award cords, especially with the regular cords.


He has all of his cords hanging on his dresser.

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Scout nut

I was pretty big as a kid myself. back then (late 80s) the merit badge sash was made for a 90 lb kid, not me (around 200 at the time) so i made my own sash. I would suggent taking 2 DC award cords and joining the ends together to make a larger one. I was prowd when i wore mine a long time ago.

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