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The Time Has Come To Stand On Your Own Two Feet.

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Some of the guys are dual registered with the troop and are still interested in getting their Eagle through the troop. I encourage them to pursue it in the Troop as I don't want any conflicts there. One Venturer has had a major conflict with the Scoutmaster and will go for his Eagle in the Crew.


They meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. They plan one event each month.


In May, they went with an instructor to a quarry that is set up as a shooting area. They shot skeet, .38 revolver, and 30.06 (?).


We are on the coast. In July they are going on a fishing trip.


August is waterskiing and an overnight at a nearby lake.


They plan the event, make the contacts and execute the plan with minimal assistance from the adults. It is refreshing after Boy Scouts. But... if they don't do it, it doesn't happen.

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