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Eat At Cherokee Joe's

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I love American roadside signs. Back home in the UK there isn't as many and as the country is so much smaller the distances are very short. Even here in Pennsylvania the signs you see are for things that aren't that far from where you are at. Of course as you drive out west the signs are for things and places which seem almost unreachable. It is fun to pick one of these far away places and head for it. Such was Cherokee Joe's. The sign said Eat At Cherokee Joe's 325 miles. There was a Hollywood type picture of a native American. As the miles past the picture and the message remained the same only the miles decreased . As we drove I tried to think what sort of food might be offered at Cherokee Joe's?

At long last in the distance we saw this giant effigy of Cherokee Joe and not long after we parked in the parking lot belonging to Joe.

The restaurant was very clean. The tables Formica and uncovered. The glossy pictures on the walls were of stereotype native American Indians. The waitresses were friendly. I asked for coffee which arrived in a cup that weighed about the same as a 1953 Buick. Then she handed us the biggest plastic menu that I have ever seen. We smiled as we read spaghetti and meatballs. We laughed out loud when we seen Irish Stew!! We were astounded when we saw Egg Rolls.

In some ways this is how I feel about the Venturing Program. I am not really involved in the program actively but do try and recruit people to get involved. In my heart of heart I know that one day this program which I'm having a problem with will become clear. Just like the menu at Cherokee Joe's I think that maybe all the Areas of Interest need to be slimmed down or cut back. It is hard for me at this time to answer the question "What Do they do?" I tend to hum and Ha a lot and end up painting this picture which is like a plate of Irish stew with a side of egg roll.


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I have to second the motion about the stew and egg roles. (Or am I just in need of a snack?)


Seriously, I do have one question. Do Venturers do Scouting? I don't mean Boy Scouting in the sense of what a Troop program is, but in a slightly more generic, but not all inclusive of any activity someone might want to call Scouting sort of way.

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A lot depends on the crew, some are branches off of troops, some are independent, the independent ones I have seen seem to focus more on car camping, helping out camporees, Klondikes and the such, and only the venturing awards. My crew is independent of a troop, but made entirely of current or recent camp staff members, so naturally we focus on our camp.

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The Venture Crew I am lucky enough to participate in has done the following:


Camping/Hiking in Getysburg


Hiked the Appalacian Trail to a scenic Overlook, cooked dinner, watched the sunset and then hiked back in the dark (Twice)


Put up playground equipment at a safe house for Abused women and children


Went on a week long Habitiat for humanity trip twice


Went Water Rafting in Maine


Went Backpacking in the New Jersey Pine Barrens twice


Went Backpacking in Thunderswamp, (near Resica Falls, PA)


Hosted Multiple training sessions for other Council Crews (First Aide, VLSC)


Bike Hikes


Attend full formal 7 course meal with Etiquette Pointers along the way


Go to New York City for the day and explore (Urban Adventure Tour)


Go to climbing gyms


Climb Outside


Cabin Camping in the winter


More Backpacking scheduled for the spring



We do what the youth want to do and plan, and remember, we are an Outdoor Crew, if we were an Arts and Hobbies, Life Ministries, Sports or Sea Scouts, we would be doing other things


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We do what the Crew wants to do. We are an High Adventure Crew so we do backpacking trips, sailing, snorkeling, rappelling, climbing, mountain biking, and other fun events. The crew helps the Troop and Pack in Training: First Aid, Outdoor Skills, and Leadership Skills.


In another thread, the poster suggest that Air Scouting returns as a program for Venturing.


It's up to the Crew.





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I am both pleased and gladdened to hear that the Crews mentioned here have their act together. My problem is when I visit someone or some group and try to explain or sell the program. Things are great if the group has an area of interest that coincides with one of the program areas. But even then if they are already doing something that they are good at they don't need us and while we as an organization can point at what facilities and opportunities we offer in both Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting, we don't have the facilities and opportunities in Venturing. When I talk to a local Chamber of Commerce and they ask "What do they do?" I end up saying something like "They do what the members want to do." This is not good when you/I am trying to sell the program. I really like the new stuff that I have seen coming out of National. I do think that if we had a simplified program with choices built in life would be easier.


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