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Fraud in Membership numbers

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BD - If my district/council pulled that on me I would charge the fee, then turn around and hand them the itemized expenses.. Oh, the expenses out do the fees.. We ran into the red? Oh, well you win some, you loose some.. Pay up!)


(which thankfully we don't have something like that, as long as I don't run into the red my DE is happy. And I have not, sometimes I take on buying a few syllabus's or pay for some extra snacks if I think I have too much profit.)


On the volunteer level at least, we have to make sure we don't personnally profit from an event. To the point that the food the trainers eat for an event can not be from the fees collect. (They can pay for the syllabus's, other books, rope, building rent, food the participants use etc.. But, the trainers food does not come from this or it is considered that we are profiting.. That is why if I am on staff for Woodbadge I pay $85.. I also personally pay for the food my staff eats on a weekend training.. I am guilty of not itemizing the donuts/coffee my staff eats at a 4 to 5 hour training.

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Like I said it was a VERY interesting meeting :) Long story short, the resident camp NCS certified people are suppose to train and certify CS folks to run weekend camp outs. Problem is those folks are Boy Scout Leaders, and have little to no involvement with Cubs and could care less. So no one knew that for about 8 years national had these policies. No one knew that there are standards and requirements that need to be met in order to have these events. etc etc. Plus some of the rules do not seem enforceable when you have multiple packs camping, i.e all food storage containers must have thermometers and records attached.


As for Moose's idea of filling out a budget, collecting monies and turning in expenses, it sounds like a winner to me.



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