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Does COR HAVE to be a member of the Chartering Organization?

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Oh fer cryin' out loud.


Give a call to the district chair and the council commish. If one or both of 'em aren't working to ease this fellow out, let 'em know you're going to introduce a motion at the next district committee meeting to remove the DC from his position. Call da other CORs in the area to bring 'em in on it. It should never need to go that far, council key 3 should deal with it before then.


And absolutely follow Calico's advice, remove the DC and his family from the troop immediately. Yeh can't run a program under these circumstances, and your duty is always to the program for all the boys, not to any individual boy or family.


IMO there's nuthin' worse for scouting than these kinds of shenanigans. And when they get this bad, yeh just have to cut bait.


If someone's a friend to this DC, they should take him aside before he winds up in a really uncomfortable position.


Beavah(This message has been edited by Beavah)

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"Seems Dist Commish is still talking

"going to the media"

and contacting SM elect's employer (he's a teacher)"


Tell the DC that there is a legal term for this very thing: It's caled SLANDER" and he ( the DC ) can be taken to court for it.


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DC, his wife(ex) and his son are no longer members effective with recharter.

Of course, they will be at the CofH on Monday night to get the boy's awards he earned at the end of 2010.

and the DC will most likely be there for the wood badge beading right before the CofH.


I will see the DE Friday (he was in meetings today and tomorrow).

I am pushing for DC to be removed from office for slander, bullying and threats. I'm not sure how anyone can condone his behavior in this situation.


Scoutmaster elect says he's not tucking tail and running away, and his lawyer has been contacted.


Now to figure out what to do for a new scoutmaster.


I recommended the troop committee (or COR) appoint an interim scoutmaster for the next few months from one of the assistant scoutmasters. but the outgoing scoutmaster was pushing hard for them to go thru their selection process and find someone by the end of March. (using the procedure in the bylaws that are too long and unweildy, but that's another topic for another date)



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DC, his wife(ex) and his son are no longer members effective with recharter.

Of course, they will be at the CofH on Monday night to get the boy's awards he earned at the end of 2010.

and the DC will most likely be there for the wood badge beading right before the CofH.


Nope. Wouldn't go there.


If yeh get removed from a program yeh get removed from a program. Get expelled from high school, no walking at graduation. Da last thing in the world this troop needs is this fellow turning up and gloating that he got the SM to quit, and stirring up more trouble with all and sundry. Mail them the awards, and they can have the new troop award 'em.


With the DC removed and not welcome at unit events, the SM-elect IMHO should be approached by the committee and asked to reconsider his resignation before anyone else is considered.




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I've been reading this for a couple days trying to figure it out how to get rid of this guy without making him a martyr. While getting him out of the unit is vital, you don't want this guy at every district or council event trash-talking the troop and constantly sawing on you limb.


That the kid and mom are gone is a blessing. I am assuming that as a DC he's not on the unit charter either. Good. That's the opening you need.


The Court of Honor is one of those situations where you take a little short-term pain for the long term gain. While I can certainly understand if the troop doesn't want to ever see this guy again, you need to turn down the heat and give the a-hole an opportunity to slither away. But at the same time you need to protect the troop and make sure youre done with him. So here's my approach:


Let the mom and son collect their things and leave. No reason not to, I'm assuming the boy just dropped off the charter and wasn't expelled.


The dad's a different matter. Assuming he can behave himself for one night (and it sounds like that's probably not a very good assumption) let him do his WB thing and watch his son get his awards. If he steps one inch out of line -- including talking smack about troop -- get in his face and tell him he is a guest of the troop and can either act like one or leave. If he makes one more peep, call the cops and have him removed.


Be sure you NEVER have any contact with this guy without another leader with you. In fact, it would be a good idea to let all the troop leadership know that they should only talk with this guy in pairs.


If he makes it to the end of the COH, on the way out hand him a letter telling him that he is forbidden from any future troop activities. Find out what legal notifications are required in your state to trigger future criminal trespass charges and include that. At district and council functions he will be asked to stay away from your Scouts, leaders and campsite. If the council won't enforce that request, your troop will not participate in such events. And finally, point out that the troop leaders have engaged legal counsel and if he attempts to interfere with the troop or if he continues to spread false and malicious statements about the troop, you will pursue all legal remedies, both criminal and civil.


Hand him the letter and walk away. Next morning send him another copy by certified mail so you have proof of receipt.


Also give a copy to the Scout Executive. Make sure he understands that unless he wants to spend the next three years refereeing this mess -- including a possible legal and media mess -- he needs to solve it now. I think Beavah and the others have pretty-well addressed how to handle things with the council.



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Oh we had the pleasure of his attendance at a troop boy's Eagle CofH on Sunday.

that was fun

watching him talk to all kinds of people and wondering how many times he was talking badly about the troop, but knowing/hoping that was just being paranoid.






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DC just was adult staff at NYLT with Eagle and his family.


He's been a pretty personable guy up til now


well a know it all and with this air of I'm better than you cause I've been on the radio before and have a big vocabulary. ;)


2 COR's plan to talk to District Exec about this guy's antics being unbecoming a scouter, I'll see if I can get at least a third.


He is moving in June to another state, I don't think this can wait til he just moves away.



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The CO may appoint a COR which is not a CO member, and I can see a few reason's they might do this. However, once appointed the COR treats with the Unit, and BSA, with the authority of the CO. I can't imagine a CO placing that kind of trust in just anyone's hands.


The easy way to understand all CO-BSA relationships is to look at them as a franchise relationship, that is not for profit. BSA offers the franchise, the CO agrees to it.


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