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? before accepting nomination

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ok long story that I will make as short as possible, but I have a couple of ?'s that maybe you can answer for me...


the last 3 years I was asked to be the adult to be nominated by the troop, but I did not have the summer camp requirement so wasn't able to accept. I now have all the requirements so when/if asked I can accept...


however I have a few questions that I prefer to ask on this semi-annonymous forum than to ask the adult OA's in our unit... and as for my son he knows just the bare facts and I don't want him to know details so I can't ask him...


I have PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) and have several triggers, and with the unknown of the whole ceremony and such I don't know if it's something I can actually do. So if you are able to answer this I'd be able to know if it's something I could do or not...


blindfolded at all?


bound with rope at all? (I can handle just holding a rope, but can't handle having any part of me bound by wrapping or knotted)


I know of the silence - but any gag? (I highly doubt this one, but just to be sure)


and while this may seem to many OA members to be no biggies - any of these things or close to these things would send my anxiety to uncontrolable levels and require me to leave to come done plus would set off my other symptoms.


I like the OA program from what I know of it as just a parent of a member, and would love to be involved. But if this is something that I would run into having issues with and have to leave I would rather see the spot go to an adult who would be able to complete.


thanks in advance.

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For what you described here you will be ok none of that happens.


My concern would be. How are you if you out sleeping alone and someone wakes you up?


Talking with the Lodge Advisor about your concerns before the Ordeal would be advisable. He can make sure that you don't get in a situation that may trigger you. And even go over the whole ordeal with you so you know what to expect.


Thanks for your service.

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1. I highly doubt I'll actually sleep - very hard to sleep when camping period so something I've just adjusted to (I can live on 2 hours)


2. is it the algonaunt (sp?) that wakes you or someone else? yes, that would be 1 thing that I would need to do because you never want to touch me when I'm asleep.


3. Do adults have adult algonaunts or youth members? if it can be a youth member that would be something if my son would be allowed knows how to handle most of my symptoms.

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Adults are with adults at night so you would just need to talk with the elangomat and let him know what to do and not to do.


Durning the day arrangements could be made so your son is close by, but I can't think of anything you would be doing that would cause problems


Just make sure you discuss with the Lodge Advisor and Lodge Chief so they know what your needs maybe.

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I don't think you have much to worry about, the ceremony is standard. But may take on slightly different appearances.


There are protected topics within this forum, but non-OA members can regularly get access to those topics. So, I'll say this in the open.


Even a visitor or parent that does not enter the ceremony, will see this at the parking lot, long house or dining hall in preparation for moving the candidates to the ceremony.

There are two times when you should see a rope. Usually, it is a slow walk to the ceremony, with your hand on the person (Scout or adult) in front of you, and another scout's/adult's hand on your shoulder. I've seen the rope used in about three different methods. Sometimes there is a rope and the all the participants just hold onto it (the participant is not bound, but they are holding the rope). Other times, there is a large loop tied every two feet, and participants are told to casually hold onto their loop. Finally, I've see the participant's hand placed thru the loop and gripping the rope. (Even on those occasions, when the participant's hand was strung thru the loop, it was so loose, it would be like wearing a basketball hoop for a bracelet. I really dont expect it will have any harmful reaction or affect any PTSD.


Finally, the Lodge Advisor is there to guide and assist the Lodge Chief and youth staff, the Advisor is there to reassure the Ordeal is a safe event. The Lodge Advisor should be able to fully explain any safety concerns. The ordeal is an event of cheerful service; it is demanding work, in as much as any candidate is physically capable. But it is not torturous, scary, or demeaning. I expect you will have a good time, learn a little about yourself, and be proud of your work and the trust and honor the Scouts and Committee places on you by the next day.


So, if you still have any additional questions. Like our fellow Arrowmen have stated, contact your Lodge Advisor, the Advisor should resolve any additional concerns.


Scouting Forever and Venture on!

Crew21 Adv

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I'd like to comment on Gary's post. That isn't always the case. You could have a youth, or an adult elangomat. We do not separate the youth and adults on the trail when we bid you spend the night alone. It may be different for some lodges and what not, so I'm not sure how it works for the particular lodge you are joining.

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Same as VigilEagle04. There are minor variations. Speak to the OA reps ahead of time about your concerns and follow up when you check in. I have some health issues that resulted in a minor tweak of the program for me. I agree in expecting you will have no issues. In the unlikely event you have an issue, they should be aware of what you may need them to do (or not do) to assist you.

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Everyone has given you sound advice. I had to bring up my medical conditions and had someone briefed on my needs that checked on me throughout the day. It helped, and my comfort level was high, despite what the day consisted of :)


Thank you for your service, and being willing to step outside your comfort zone to serve even more. I took my Ordeal pamphlets to heart, and they're a treasured possession and reminder of the challenges and lessons of the Ordeal.


Please let us know how it went!

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