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Looking forward to your Ordeal

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The only things I will say about your forthcoming Ordeal are:


- You should get an information sheet on what to bring from your Lodge. COMPLY. (It's a lot easier for you if you have a backpack and are used to having your life on your back) :)


- If you have a special need (physical disability, dietary neet, whatever), there should be a form in the packet your Lodge gives you. Get that in pronto.


- IF you are an adult, AND you have a special craft or trade (electrician, carpeneter, plumber, heavy equipment operator...) call your Scout Reservation Ranger. In the Council/Lodge I serve, crafts and trades, while not being released from duties and responsibilities of the Ordeal, are generally given work on projects that leverage their skillsets :)


- ABOVE ALL, LISTEN AND LISTEN WELL, from the time you get on property until the after-Ordeal crackerbarrel.

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I concur. Do what JKC has suggested. They should provide a gear list.


The Ordeal will challenge you and be a life long memory. Look forward to it.

My brother did it in the 60s as a youth. I did it 4 years ago as an adult. It drives my 50 year old sister nuts when we talk about the Ordeal (with my son who is also in the Order) at family gatherings since we provide no details and maintain the mystery, but share something that took us 40 years to connect.

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The OA ceremonies are filled with symbolism and tradition. Read the materials you were given carefully...several times. Then throughout the weekend, pay attention to the words of the ceremonies and "take them on board" ... it's a time for reflection, thought, and hopefully a redirection of your life. What you go through during the weekend is minor...and temporary. But the lessons and friendships will remain with you forever.


I had my Ordeal in 1968. Today, as a 50-something adult, I still remind myself of the Obligation I took...and sometimes it helps get me through the day.

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