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OA qualification requirements

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And there lies the rub. Some feel it's acting a certain way, and others think it's being a certain way. The argument will continue.

As for me, I don't see "gay" or "not gay" among the requirements. Neither do I see "male" or "female."



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If a 16 year old comes to me as a Scouter and says "I'm sexually active", period, we're going to be having some hard heart to heart talks.


I'm old skewl... sexual activity comes when, and only when, you are ready for lifelong committment.


Gender and orientation do not matter, to me, especially for children under 18.


The other reason your posit is a non sequitur is that orientation can be a limiting factor in membership to the BSA (although as we discussed in I&P, youth members get a fair bit of slack, as long as we're not risking a reportable YP violation ... and statutory rape is reportable).


A woman Venturer, OTOH, is a valid youth member of the Boy Scouts of America. She may well have as good or better mastery of the skills to be a First Class Scout than many (most) of the youth undertaking an Ordeal.


If I ever win the Big Powerball, I suspect lots of green in a business discussion will change things rather quickly... until then, the wheels of the gods grind slowly and to little purpose.

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Besides the 1st class scout requirement elections can only be done for a troop or team. That leaves any member of a venturing crew out (including adults) even if they joined the crew as a BS who had earned 1st class. Unless of course they are duel registered in a BS troop as well.

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