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just need to let off some steam...

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Sorry everyone. I just needed a place to vent a bit.


On days I felt like this at while working at camp, I would let it all out in a nice clean scream like they taught us at NCS.


However, at the moment this is as close as I can get.






OK, that helped a little.


Thanks guys. Sorry for indulging myself on everyone else's time.


Oh, and while I am not exactly a regular in the first place, don't expect to see me around much for a while. The "real life" part of my scouting activities have become a bit more complicated and less pleasant lately.


I wish everyone the best of luck with all their Scouting adventures.


Just remember, the best things in Scouting go on at the unit level, in the great outdoors. Meetings, politics, personalities, none of that really matters if just one Scout is having even the smallest of Scouting's adventures. With luck that thought will allow me to keep seeing the silver lining of any dark clouds that come near my favorite camp site or newest wilderness trail.

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I've had a week like that, too. Work was stressful (that's another story). This week I had to chair an EBOR for a scout who hasn't been to a troop mtg in a year (family and work issues), and at the District Committee meeting a member refused to accept that he'd been "let go" and showed up anyway to confront and contest the decision. We ended up losing the District Chairman over it who decided that he had better things to do with his free time, than listen to adults bicker. I'm coming to the same realization. My own boys are grown and gone, so why do I need the stress any more?

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scoutldr, you DON'T need the stress, but WE need YOU and people like you! I totally understand the frustration of being subjected to that type of disrespect for your volunteered time. However, there are a LARGE number of us out here and within your own council who look to you for wisdom and guidance. Please try to continue to fight the good fight. Take heart and don't leave us, please! Even though you don't often hear from them, be assured there a great number of people who appreciate you! Keep your chin up and know you are needed.


Ma Scout

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Thanks, MaScout. I will stick it out...but sometimes I wonder what other people are thinking. We used to say in training..."If it's not for the boys, it's for the birds!" Sometimes we adults need to remind ourselves that we're not here just to fill a slot and gather more square knots or little wooden beads. And the professionals need to remind themselves that, as volunteers, we don't (or some of us don't) have time to do Scouting 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and we don't "take orders" from them.


I appreciate the kind words. After 32 years in this program, I can count on one hand the compliments I've heard like that.

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