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In honor of Gay Week on the forum

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If you've never seen the segment Penn and Teller did on the BSA, it makes some good points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndoP1YW72Zk


Be warned that it contains foul language and a type of humor not suitable for folks who think we should discuss gay issues with constant deadly earnest seriousness. Some relevant comments on that at 18:37-18:42

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I didn't really see anything I didn't really already know - I think the crux is the private/public dichotomy.


I liked the Scoutmaster/Eagle Scout - he made a case with out the "entertainment value" of Penn & Teller.


What was not presented totally was that the policy doesn't exclude gays, it excludes homosexuals that exhibit "homosexual conduct" - which is not explicitly defined. I think that is a subtle but important distinction.

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the clip is a little old, but they pointed to something in writing on the BSA website about being anti-homosexuals. From the thread on if there is anything in writing, did anyone find that? That writting also stated something more then being against homosexuals who are openly homosexual, but "known" homosexuals, so they can be very quiet and try to keep it confidential, but if you stumble upon the information (say you see them in a restraunt holding hands with their significant other on "date night") then you are suppose to kick them out, or call in the coucils gay-bash squad to do it for you.. Which I knew they practiced, but never saw in the verbal statement they give the press every time the need to respond after a night of gay-bashing..


So that was new to me. Otherwise, my observation was that it was interesting and accurate.. Not that it was enlightening..

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