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Media Culpability - the Fourth Estate

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Actually, there have been some WMD found in Iraq, but the media doesn't play it. One mention and that's it if anything. Mustard gas cannisters and some other stuff. Besides, the USA going to Iraq had to do with enforcing UN Resolution 1441 and taking Iraq to task as a state sponsor of terrorists. We've discussed all of this last year in other threads.


Wow, Merlyn and I actually agree on something! (almost)


Ed, only one correction sir, the WORLD is better off without Saddam.


Eamonn: What's the difference between Saddam Hussein and Hitler?


The answer is "time". Hitler had more time to kill more people.


The main problem about Iraq is that President Bush did too much talking about going to Iraq before actually going to Iraq. The talk time gave Saddam time to hide and ship WMD to other countries like Syria.


Good day.


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So, I'm supposed to believe Saddam shipped his last desperate line of defense to a quasi-friendly country while cowering in a spider hole?

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