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Scouter needs prayers!

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This morning I got a call from the Scoutmaster of our Boy Scout Troop. A good friend of ours and an Assistant Scoutmaster in the troop is in the hospital - with a brain tumor.


Scot is of a personality both brilliant and scattered - He has a wonderful rapport with the boys in the troop, especially those like my son - who is ADHD & gifted and just somehow don't "fit" at school. Scot has a wonderful gift of bringing out each boys best abilities, and encouraging them. He has spent his entire life either being a Scout or teaching Scouts; he is truly a special person. He has become a good friend and mentor to so many boys over the years, and seldom misses a meeting, outing or campout with them - giving unselfishly of his time and friendship, though he has no children of his own. His empathy and genuine interest in each boy, make him an undeniable favorite pal on any trip or outing.


Now this wonderful friend has been struck down in a frightening way. He has two golf ball sized tumors in the right frontal lobe of his brain, and they are going to operate to remove them tomorrow. One is in a location that they are not sure they will be able to get it all, nor will they know if they are cancerous until they are removed. His surgery is scheduled for 1:30 Monday, and is estimated to take 5 - 6 hours.


Jon and I went to see him this afternoon, and he is on medication and in good spirits - he was delighted to see one of his 'boys' - but he is certainly frightened as well.


I am frightened that my son and I are about to lose a wonderful friend. Please, send up a prayer for our friend, Scot. That the tumor be benign, that they get all of it and that his recovery be swift.


Thank You,



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Scot is in our prayers. A man of many special gifts, as all Scouters are, but to be so special to so many Scouts (as to your son). Scot's dedication is needed now, and for a long time to come.

So, from the fall line of the mighty James River, I will mention Scot in my prayers Monday. Please keep us informed.



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All of our prayers are with Scot as well. but you should not think you are about to lose him. Keep the faith.


We just learned that our newest venture scout, a 14 year old young lady has an inoperatable brain tumor and was rushed to the hospital ladt night. We are praying for both Scot and Ashlie.


Your spirit of sharing and asking for prayers is the truest meaning of Scouting. God blass you and God save our friends Scot and Ashlie.



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First, thank you for your prayers & kind thoughts and wishes -


unfortunately, as the Dr's had said, they were not able to get all of the tumors, and the sad news is that they are a fast growing type and will come back - their expectation is that Scot has maybe 6 months left.


Right now, they are keeping him heavily sedated, and the only visitors allowed are immediate family. Of course, they are in shock - his dad has been gone for a number of years, and his mom and brother are all he has. His "family" has always been scouting - the boys he cares for and understands so well. We suspect that even when he does awaken, the damage done will neccesitate him spending the rest of his life in a nursing home or care facility, as his mom is not physically able to care for him herself. His brother has a young family (2 boys, 5 & 7) of his own in northern Minnesota, and can't be here all the time.


It seems such a waste - Scot is gifted, highly intellegent, & works in some kind of medical technology field, and has patented a number of machines that are in use in hospitals today. Like many bright people, his interests and knowledge cover many areas - music, engineering, science, math, geology, nature... and he has been generous in sharing not only his knowledge with the boys, but his spirit of wonder and adventure - watching him with the boys is like watching butterflies emerge from a cocoon - it's magical.


I can't find any reason in this - it's just so horribly sad. My hope and prayers now turn to wishing that he will recover enough to spend some time with the scouts who have been his life for the past 30 years, and gave him so much joy.



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