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  1. redfox420

    Pinewood Derby: boy-built the night before

    In our pack, and I think our district too (maybe even larger, i'm not sure) weigh ins are the night before, so their last additions to their car has to be made before 8:00pm the night before the derby. After the weigh in, the CM takes the cars home and the boys don't see them again until they're just about to race them. If you make sure everyone is equal the night before, any advantages (unintentional or otherwise) should be caught the night before. If this is done parent-help, non-parent help should'nt really be an issue. Just putting in my 2 cents worth
  2. redfox420

    11 yrs old never been in scouts but in 5th grade??

    AoL when joining in 5th grade is doable, it requires only 6 months of tenure...granted, it's a lot of work. But it is most definitely possible, I know instances of it happening too.
  3. redfox420

    Boys joining in 5th grade

    I agree with NWScouter, if the boy starts in September, unless i'm reading the guidelines wrong (which is possible) he has until he completes the 5th grade, meaning he does'nt even have to stop when the 2nd years graduate. Indeed, it will require him almost being in 2 dens at once, but if the boy and the parents are motivated, the Arrow of Light is possible in this case. If not, he gets a years worth of learning and fun in Cub Scouts and he's more ready for the transition than he would be.
  4. redfox420

    Cubmaster doing things committee doesn't like

    One thing I might add from experience (not personal, but close), don't let the fact that you might get asked to step up keep you from doing something about this guy. If everything you've said is true, this guy needs to go, sooner better than later.
  5. redfox420

    Hot Dogs are Banned!?

    Just be careful with the scouts and the knockwurst, kielbasa (can't spell it, but love it!!) and bratwurst. Had one or two "explode" during cooking and spray, not a huge deal, but, just be careful. I agree, hot dogs should'nt be banned
  6. redfox420

    Please pray for one of our own!

    Steve K. has been added to my prayer list as well. Keep us posted!
  7. redfox420

    Obese Scouters ONLY!!

    Back in 2003, I was working on Camp Staff and typically weighed in at around 270-280. I was pretty active, a lot of walking and excersise at Summer Camp, sweating it out on the Archery range, but just eating all the wrong stuff to lose. Fortunately I was getting enough exercise to not gain anymore weight. Three days ago, I was 239, and I am continuing to lose. This is not exactly a dramatic weight loss, but is a significant departure from where I was. My Secret? Stay away from bread, pasta and non-diet soda. Sweets have never been a huge problem, honestly. I'm determined to roll back to 200 without any drugs or dramatic dieting. I've tried those powder packet and pill diets, but none of them really worked. I'm not proud of the 240 that I weigh now, but especially at scout events, rarely will you see me sitting down. After all, i'm with the Cubbies now!
  8. redfox420

    Cooking in Camp...expectations

    That is a good policy. Of course now i'm working with Webelos, and the leaders and parents have a greater role in meal preparation than in Boy Scouts. But i'm going to allow myself to look back on the past At least in my opinion, all Scouts (if possible) should have at least helped in the preparation of at least one meal if not two by the time they reach Tenderfoot. This would depend on the activity of the troop, ableness of the scout to attend, etc. (Keep in mind, unless my memory fails me, this is NOT a BSA requirement and should not be instituted in anyone's troop as such) I found that patrols cooking together helped their ability to work together as a patrol. It only takes them smelling the adult fly one or two times before they really get into cooking and see how fun it is. That is a good troop policy, schleining. It will help your troop in MANY ways.
  9. redfox420

    Summer Camp Honor Roll

    I agree with John-in-KC, but then again, I might be a little biased considering that HOAC is my home council *g* Add Camp Davy Crockett - Whitesburg, Tennessee http://www.scbsa.org Worked there for two years, all good times, definitely recommend it. And not just because I worked there either
  10. redfox420

    Anyone ever been to Quivira SR in Kansas?

    I have not gotten down to see Quivira Scout Ranch personally but being from Kansas I do know that it is located in some of the most beautiful countries in Kansas. Here is the council's website, the QSR stuff is pretty easy to find. http://www.quivira.org/ I have not been there myself. If you end up going, if you think about it, drop us a line and tell us what you thought. Hope you get this in time!
  11. redfox420

    forum newbie

    Welcome, saprswife (Malinda) It's good to have you here
  12. redfox420

    Scouting's Popularity throughout the country

    SR540 Beaver....depends on who you talk to . I took Venturing Fast Start and Venturing "BLT" (when they called it that) and I learned a lot about the program from that. This was after being a Venturer for 2 years, it gave me a whole new look on the program. If the exit age was 22, then I would have had my Gold and Silver awards, but I ran out of time at 21.
  13. redfox420

    Scouting's Popularity throughout the country

    *seconds WAKWIB* When I came to Kansas City last Fall, I had never heard of a troop of more than 20-30 boys. I know of two around here that are 100+. Talk about a size change....whoa.
  14. redfox420

    He's OA!

    The wait makes the Ordeal better Be Proud. Your son has the opportunity to be part of something very special.
  15. redfox420


    Many Hats I'm an Assistant Scoutmaster, Equipment Coordinator (Committee) and a Merit Badge Instructor.