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Historical Figures as Scoutmasters

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Actually, I happened to be thinking of both Dirk Pitt and the actual author, Eagle Scout Clive Cussler as being great Scoutmaster candidates.


Among other historical (or will be historical figures) I would count, Martin Luther King JR., Ronald W. Reagan, Wil Rogers, Fred Astaire, Maggie Thatcher (there's a grabber for ya,) Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan -- although he would arguably have been a better Cubmaster) and either one of the Presidents Bush.


I would select Howard Dean (I think he's the one. I can't keep democrats straight)to lead the campfire. He could give a heck of a cheer -- "YEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" ;)


DS(This message has been edited by dsteele)

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If we are going with fictional characters, I would say the kid from the books "Hatchet" and its sequel ("The River", I think) would make the ultimate wilderness survival instructor.


Now for a Scoutmaster, I am going to go the sci-fi route. I would have to say Luke Skywalker would make a darn good SM. Now the other major sci-fi franchise, would present a few problems. Despite the obvious leadership qualities of the various captains of the various Enterprises, there is a major question about faith, and of coarse the quote from ST II about the one thing Kirk never was was a Boy Scout.


Now for some more realistic figures, I would say any of the 5 stars (the Generals of the Army, the General of the Air Force, and the Fleet Admirals) from WWII certainly had the leadership qualities needed. Though at least a few of them had personalities that would cause problems. Then of coarse the old ladies would start to wonder if the Scouts were "militaristic".


John Paul II would make a good SM. He certainly has the 12th point covered. He knows a few things about survival from his time hiding from the Nazis (they didn't much care for anyone being trained to be a priest) and then later from dealing the communists. He is also known to have been a capable cross country skier in his younger days, so he obviously liked the outdoors.


Truman and Ford would probably make good SMs.


For a somewhat controversial pick, I think Robert E. Lee would have been a great SM. I know FOG will complain about something involving an uprising against a government, but you must remember Lee's loyalties were to Virginia. He was a Virginian first, and American second. Those sorts of thoughts were fairly common back then. Since then the idea of loyalty to a state has either died or been killed, depending on your point of view.


Now George S. Patton would have been a very interesting SM. I don't think he would have been particularly good at it, but it certainly would have been a scene worth seeing, except for obvious concerns for the Scouts involved, particularly if they deviated from 10th point of the Scout Law.


The negative comments about Jesus and the temple don't hold water in my opinion. While it may not have seemed courteous or kind or helpful, in the larger view I think it may have been. Jesus was more concerned with their souls and those of others than any profits lost. Also, I would say this is a classic example of a case where the points of the Law are in conflict, and a person must choose which to follow. Jesus choice was to value reverence and loyalty over being courteous.


Jimmy Carter would have been a great SM, back before he got old and cranky.(This message has been edited by Proud Eagle)

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Colin Powell, I heard he was a great scout, does anyone know? The man has qualities that make him a great role model and leader. I just got back from D.C. and he is impressive as a leader.


Hard to back Carter as a Scoutmaster although I am sure he could of done it but it wouldn't have been fun. Having met the man I always felt he would have been a better Church leader than anything else, deep thinker with high morals and convictions.

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How about Arthur R. Eldred of Oceanside, New York. The first Eagle Scout in the United States. After earning Eagle Scout he saved a fellow scouts life from drowning if I remember correctly. He later served as a SE. Also at his Board of Review he had Daniel C. Beard, Earnest T. Seaton, and Jame E. West. And I thought I was nervous for my board!!

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