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neicie, dont take it personal, I have commented before that these threads are not unlike Forrest Gumps feather and you never know where it will go.


We had a boarding Seminary, went there on sunday, came home on friday. Started with 34 and 12 graduated, High School. Two of our class actually became and are priests. I left after junior year, Vatican II had taken away most of the reasons I had to be a priest and I also witnessed an event that showed me I could never be a priest. During the summer of my junior year A very popular priest was transferred from our parish to another on the other side of the diocese, far far far away with one day notice, on saturday he was told be there monday morning. I thought, boy I would hate for that to happen to me, to have someone always telling me where to live , oh my God what am I doing? That night I told my parents I wasnt going back. I spent one year at the local Public High School and graduated. Wanna talk about cultural shock? From classes in ties and coats to girls with halter tops? anyway, private message me and we can talk


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I am not sure what you are questioning in my post. But I do agree with you that we should not condemn what we do not understand. In fact, there was a Catholic bishop (Bishop Fulton Sheen) that stated that "few Americans hate the Catholic Church, but millions hate what they mistakenly think is the Catholic Church." So I try to never discount another person's faith.


However, I do understand and know why some Christians believe in sola scriptura (the belief that the Bible is our only source of Christian truth) and sola fide (faith only). I know this because I actively participate in two Catholic forums (Yes Mark, I am Catholic) and have defended my beliefs for the past three years against Christian fundamentalists (or evengelicals or whatever). These are the beliefs of another's faith that I cannot respect because they are un-Biblical.


Do I understand everything they believe? No. So you are correct in saying that I cannot and should not try to state what they believe and then argue against it.


Anyway, this isn't a religious forum and I do not wish to discuss various belief systems. I truly respect your approach to how you view other people's faith and wish that all religious persons did this.

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I decided to private message my response to you since it does not concern the majority of the forumites.


I am not sure if the email address I used to register to this forum still works. So if you reply and get a bounce back, could you post somewhere to let me know. Or better yet, does anyone know how to look up our email address registered to this forum?

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I think a nice sing along would help everybody's nerves right about now, join in wherever you can


Jesus loves the little children

All the children of the world

Black and yellow, red and white

They're all precious in His sight

Jesus loves the little children of the world


http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/7030/jlm.htm(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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Why thank you for introducing that good old BAPTIST song into the thread!!! LOL


That reminded me of a friendly "feud" my wife and I have each Sunday. I was raised Baptist and she was raised Nazarene. We attend a Baptist church. Everytime we sing an old standard hymn, we look at each other and I mouth "Baptist" to her and she mouths "Nazarene" to me. Then we shake our heads at each other. We both claim the old standards as belonging to our faith and stolen by the other.

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