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How to make training more effective

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To go along with my other topic about "getting a totally trained unit"

I would also like to know how to make training more effective.


Last spring I decided to move to another Troop becuase of the lack of a scouting program being offered in the Troop we were in.

I looked at about 1/3 of the Troops in my district.

Every adult leader told me they were fully trained but none of the troops were using the Patrol method nor were they boy-run.


The message I get from this is that leaders are taking the training however they are not using the training or they didn't get what was taught.


So, how do you make training more effective?

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"Fully" Trained?

Does that mean ALL the adult leaders are trained?

Does it mean that a certain % are trained?

Does it mean that the JR LDRS are trained?


The reason I ask is because the level and % of trained people make a big difference. Also, what they do with the training is also a huge factor.

I know people that have been to Wood Badge that do not have boy led troops. But the reason is not him... its that his JR LDRS are young and not trained.


In my Troop all of the Adults that work directly with the Boys are Trained, but many of the Committee members are not. This does not bother me too much as long as they do their jobs, it would bother me if the ASMs were not trained.




And a good ol Beaver too

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