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I detest double elimination races. They are sad, boring, and no fun for most of the boys who are eliminated after 2, or 3 races.


We went to a Partial Perfect "N" race, where every boy races in every lane, and races (practically) every other boy. Now, with a 4-lane track, every boy races, on average, 8 times.


Lots more fun for the boys, and you don't have half of the Scouts leaving early in tears.


Here is an online PPN race generator -






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@The Blancmange: Lots of options for scoring and brackets.


To clarify, GrandPrix Race Manager does not support elimination brackets. The only form of elimination supported is if you wanted to run multiple rounds, but within each round everyone will race an equal number of times.

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GrandPrix Race Manager is the way to go. We have used it for many many years. The benefits over elimination are many, but most notably...


Fairness by all Cubs running on all lanes.

All Cubs get the same number of heats, no matter how fast their car.

The fastest average car is always found, no matter who they race. (In the case of elimination, it is possible to get winners, especially in the 3rd and 4th place range, that are not the fastest).

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Another vote for Grand Prix Race Manager here. We purchased this package this year and used it for the first time at our Derby a few weeks ago.


Pros (in my opinion):

- Current (installs/runs on modern operating systems, including 64-bit Windows 7)

- LOTs of configuration options

- Decent set-up wizard

- Roster import option

- Interfaces to many hardware packages, but also allows for manual results entry (good back-up plan option for technical difficulties on race day)

- Lots of scoring options (points vs. time, tiebreakers)

- Pretty nice Racing and Standings screens that can be run through a projector

- Price is very reasonable ($60 new, $10 upgrade, regardless of Pack size)

- It can be used for Raingutter Regatta or Space Derby also (we do Regatta and Derby both each year)


Cons (again in my opinion):

- A bit overwhelming (but then that goes with being very configurable, right?)



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We appreciate the feedback on the GrandPrix Race Manager software.


Early on with the software we received lots of feedback from users that they wanted to run their race one way or the other and not be locked into a certain way. It definitely has been a balance trying to provide that flexibility but not making the software overly complex. As each new version has come out, we have been working on simplifying tasks and making things more intuitive but still giving our more advanced users more freedom to customize. However, the flexibility that the software provides does mean that users need to make some informed choices, like how they want to setup their race groups/subgroups, how to score each heat and which scheduling method to use. There are pros and cons that need to be considered.


We welcome feedback from our users and implement many of those suggestions as we release new versions of the software, so please keep the suggestions coming.(This message has been edited by gpraceman2)

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