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I talked to the cubmaster of the pack we came from and he lost a lot of core people this past few months (crossovers, family obligations, moves, etc.). I have decided to go back to cubs. Get to have fun with kids for an hour a week and then send them home to someone else! I also get to spread the good news and cheer of Cub Scouting to all the other parents (convincing them to volunteer). See, you too can have a van full of craft supplies, rope, and game equipment. You too can know how to make 5 different kinds of bird feeders and 101 things to do with bottle caps and paper towel rolls. You can also find yourself pondering every piece of trash thinking "hmmmm...I bet we could use that, better not throw it away".


I think also that one day my son will see that I am doing this not out of parental obligation but because it's the right thing to do. Some people have told me that the best lessons they had in volunteering was from watching their parents volunteer. Volunteering was just another part of their lives, it was the Thing to do.


So now I need to put the Boy Scout Oath in the back of my brain and pull out the Cub Scout promise again. On my honor, oops, not that, I promise to do my best........


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