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Den Going Rogue

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Ok folks my dilemma has been solved, and I am not going to be CM. SWMBO made that decision for me at the camp out this weekend. However I can offer all the advice and give all the help I can to get the pack going, unless it starts conflicting with the family.


So I have done a lot of the prep work, i.e. getting a proposed calendar together, trying to put a bug in folks ears about having the first leaders' meeting of the year, reminding everyone of the new YPT requirements, etc. CM was suppose to send an email about the leaders meeting for Monday, but no word yet, so I emailed him and the ACM about it just now. I am hearing complaints from parents,and believe we lost a few cubs b/c of the disorganization.


So I am getting exhausted and frustrated. I am honestly thinking about creating my own den calendar for the year and doing my own thing. I've already got a den calendar together to late January, and put in 'Tentative" dates for several pack activities that were done last year. But I honestly don't have a clue as to what's going on. It's to the point that I'm thinking of a ADM Farragut and "... full speed ahead" and just fill in those dates with our own activities.


Your thoughts, suggestions, and prayers are most welcome.

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Nothing wrong with a setting your den meetings, and tentative dates for B&G and etc...


But since the CM is on tap for the Pack Program schedule, make sure you don't confuse other DL/Dens/parents.... been there when the WDL is more organized than the CM. The CM would default to the WDL for the schedule.


CC your CC/CM on your emails, and keep your den on track.



Maybe start all your emails/den news letters (if you do that - I know I used to print it out for the Parents to pickup at every den meeting) with


.... As DL for DEN # the following DEN # activities/dates are...



And End the Emails/Den news Letters the same way(This message has been edited by dg98adams)(This message has been edited by dg98adams)

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Yep, it is mid October. By the time new pack structure gets organized you will be looking pretty far down the school year. Been there, done that. We've never had a strong pack organization. (But we have high hopes for this current set of recruited adults.)


Put your den schedule together and serve your den boys well. Offer to share activities with den leaders for which it makes sense. Support the other den leaders, remember they are in the same spot or worst than you.


Don't call it 'going rogue'. Be helpful, courteous, kind, and flexible. Be clear that you will support the new CM. ('How can I help? These are some of the thoughts I had.')


IMHO 80% of what the boys experience in scouting happens in the den. Make it a good experience.

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Yep it's the wife. Problem is that with the exception of the TCDLs, everyone returned except 1 ACM, so we aren't really a new pack in that sense, and should be better organized. Unfortunately the committee is in name only, and appointed by the CO, which is hands off. So I have no idea who is even on the committee and have only met 1 member 1 time and that was to sell popcorn to him after church services.


As for the newsletter, that's part of the problem. For whatever reason it appears that only half the folks are at a den meeting at a time, so I can never get updated records. heck we had 1 kid show up after not attending anything for 8 months, and we meet year round! And since we merged 2 dens, and added a few extras, I only have the, in some cases outdated, info from my den last year. I cannot access the records of the other cubs. talked to the PACKMASTER admin, and it was supposed to be fixed, but it didn't happen. So I have no idea who is in my den, and only limited contact info. And while I pass around the newsletter when folks do show up, it's hit or miss.



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This is probably redundant, this is probably redundant....


... but I used to bring copies of the previous month Den Schedule (to show what they missed if they want to catch up) and the next months den schedule to each Pack Meeting.


The Cubs in the Den that always came didn't need it, so it was mostly targeted to the Cub/Parent who only comes to Pack Meetings or a printed copy for the CM.

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Your main job is your den. You need to concentrate on making your den program the best it can possibly be. You want your den families to stay because your den is so great, and in spite of the problems with the Pack as a whole.


A year's calendar is a MUST for a den. Include all events, meetings, activities, for both den and Pack. Mark as tentative all dates that you are unsure of, or estimating based on past Pack activities.


Create a monthly den newsletter with updates/reminders on upcoming meetings and activities.


Include on both the den calendar, and newsletter, contact info for den leaders and Cubmaster.


At your next den meeting get current address, and contact info from all parents (including email that they will actually read). Do this at each den and Pack meeting until you have hit every den family.


Contact the former den leaders of the den that merged with yours. Hopefully they will have contact info for their former den. Your Cubmaster should also have a complete Pack roster by den. Get one from him.


Send info to your den families via a number of different avenues (email, hard copy at meetings, phone calls, snail mail). That way you know they will get it some way or another.




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I feel your pain, Eagle92. I was starting to think I was a "wierd" case of a TCDL feeling like I was the only organized person in a sea of chaos. I'm the "rogue" because I'm the only one following the new TC den meeting plan.


I agree with the other posters - take care of your den first (that's what I'm doing). Second help other DL's as you can (if they want your help - my case isn't always that way). Thirdly try to help the Pack leadership get it together. The boys always come first.

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