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zippie, a parent talent/resource survey is a great idea. As FS suggests one is already available, but packs can cerainly develop their own. My recommendation would be to combine the talent survey with a committee sign-up. Make it clear from square one that EVERY family is EXPECTED to help in one way or another. List all of the committees (B&G, PWD, awards, outdoor activities, etc.) as well as the major registered leadership roles (DL, ADL, WDL, treasurer, etc.) and then ask point blank: In which role will you help our pack?

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Great idea. The leader book does have a survey as well, but I think that I like yours as well.


We've had pretty good luck approaching people and asking them to fill particular positions. If they have some reason not to, then you can bring out your list and ask them to pick something. Most people will say that they are too busy. We have a mom in our pack that has 7 kids (4 are adopted and 3 of those are special needs kids), works, has advanced cancer, and STILL finds a way to help out the pack. NOBODY is that busy. Make sure you have some written descriptions of what people are expected to do in various positions. The leader book has some, but I've had better luck writing my own. I can tell you from personal experience that putting up a list of open spots at pack night and asking people to sign up will not be very successful.

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Though it has been mentioned that the leader book does have a Parent Survey, I like yours more. The one in the leader book is confusing and ask for information that really does not pretain to the skills needed for the year.


At the beginning of the year I give out a package include a parent survey, but I think I shall use yours instead. Thank you.


I made the following changes:

1. One per parent instead of parental unit.

2. In the "I have..." I added "a pool" (important in CA).

3. In the "I have these skills..." I added "camping", "hiking", "models."(This message has been edited by jafyfe-bsa)

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I like it. Simple and to the point. I also like jafyfe's suggestions. Pools are important wherever it gets hot and for various reasons - not to mention coaching for the swimming test.



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