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Year round camp employment

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a camp or council looking for a full time year round camp director or asst camp director. I have worked at a Boy scout camp for the past 7 years, have served in camp management for the past 3 years and am NCS certified for Camp Management. Any leads would be appreciated.

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There are nine employees in my Council who have daily contact with our Scout Reservations:


- Two Directors in our office. These are Professional Service guys. One is approaching the end of his tenure as a Professional, the other is about ready to get his own Council. Each one has primary responsibility for one of our Scout Reservations.


- Two Reservation Rangers, one at each. One is an AIA architect, the other a master operating engineer. Both are experienced emergency managers. One is THE emergency management director for his county, the other a captain with his own engine/crew in an area VFD.


- Two Reservation Assistant Rangers, one at each.


- The larger Reservation also has three Craft/Trade folk: Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter. It also has an office secretary.


Professional camp staff is hugely about maintaining property, and hugely about procurement, marketing, HR, and ... compliance.


I commend to you a long talk with your current Council Reservation Director.

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Forgot to add this.


These days, seasonal camp experience might not be enough - councils are probably looking for multitaskers.


A friend and former camp staff co-worker landed a resident director's job two years ago, the lucky sonofagun, but he had a master's in parks and rec management and a stint at a municipal parks agency.


The guy he succeeded had been there for many years, also working as the resident ranger, doing traditional double duty. My friend does double duty, too, but as a council program director - he did a lot of stuff with the council jamboree this summer, and even handles some things that sound to me like a UC's work. He oversees a full-time non-resident ranger/assistant camp director and runs summer camp.

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