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Summer day camp Ideas needed

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Thank you all so so much!! I really apprecate everything. I finally went to camp school and WOW my head swelled so much with knowlege. We were on the right track and do have so much done and so much more to finish up before camp which is comming up closer than I thought. I am glad to have found this site. I have "committed" myself to another year maybe more and you are right david_w_rahfeldt I am trying to leave a ton of information left for the next peson to take over when we the program director and I decide to step down. I feel as if I had know more than what was left I would have a few bits to fix here and there. I am not saying that I have tons and tons to do but I do have a good size of work left. I am very nervous and excited to see how week one will work out. I think afterwards I will be able to fix the kinks when the arise in weeks 2, 3, and be a vetern when 4 comes along.

I will let everyone know how it turns out.


Thanks Again,


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Remember to do a report for yourself as you go of things that went wrong, how you can avoid them next time, ideas for next time you do this theme that come to you during the event(they will).

And then redo it at the end of your project, you'll be amazed how much it helps next time.

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A Couple of "wow" factor things:


* Contact the local TV station with a Traffic 'copter. Tell'm about the camp and see if they (#1) might do a story about it on TV and (#2) do a fly over while everybody smiles and waves! HEY!! spell out "CUBSCOUTSROCK" on the ground with the campers for the copter to see and photograph (takes a fair amount of advance planning: line out the letters on the ground for the Cubs to stand on, proper proportions, one or two lines thick, think it out...


* Contact State Police and see if they can arrange a landing of the Medivac Helicopter (assuming they are the agency incharge) . Talk to them about landing zone arrangements. Ours landed and BLEW EVERYONES HAT OFF!! WoW!. The pilots and EMTs did a wonderful presentation about rescues and flight science. Guess who our heroes of the day were?


*Contact County Road Maintenance folks. Nothing a Cub likes better than a dump truck and or a road grader or excavator to get up close and personal to. Big burly men to talk about horsepower and capacity "yeah, might take 2 or 300 of you Cubs to fill up this truck".


*Start a "pass word" that all Cubs and Staff can "recognize" each other with. Question, response works well, like a riddle::Aviation Theme: Take offs are OPTIONAL, >Landings are MANDATORY. Egyptian theme: How did the Cub get down the Nile? >He PHAROAHED, PHAROAHED, PHAROAHED his boat.

Be corny. They'll remember them the next year, and in the grocery store when you see'm again.


What's a prune danish? >a buck forty seven (I think that was Monty Python).

*A SHORT living Chess game? Cubs for Pawns? Camp Director for King and Queen?

*Build cardboard horses you wear around your waist with shoulder straps and have a jousting tournament with suitably cushy lances.


* Save some Camp Patches to present to your "specials" as thank yous! Don't forget to send 'm a letter of thanks! Makes it more likely to happen the next time you ask!





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That is our camp theme this year as well. We also have 4 weeks of camp running. I will be a den leader for one of those weeks but they didn't tell us what we would be doing. I have tons of ideas that we are using for our resident camp week. A couple years back, my boys made awesome wooden lanterns that raised so you could put a candle in and then lower it back down. If you could recruit a wood crafter i'm sure they could come up with something like that. We always offer archery and bb gun at day camp for earning loops. And if not bb gun, then slingshot, which is more medievil.

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