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  1. Welcome to the forum I was the new day camp cord for our council. We had a blast as will you. We did 4 weeks each at diffrent locations. When you go to camp school ask for program helps. I did and I asked for all types of contacts we all still talk to one another and brain storm off each other. I did the Knights of the roundtable theme last year I think the discussions are still on this site there was a ton of great ideas.I also seached the web. Internet was a Godsend. We are doing Cubs in Space this year and things seem to be going well with planning. I also recived tons of help from the roun
  2. Thank you all so so much!! I really apprecate everything. I finally went to camp school and WOW my head swelled so much with knowlege. We were on the right track and do have so much done and so much more to finish up before camp which is comming up closer than I thought. I am glad to have found this site. I have "committed" myself to another year maybe more and you are right david_w_rahfeldt I am trying to leave a ton of information left for the next peson to take over when we the program director and I decide to step down. I feel as if I had know more than what was left I would have a few bit
  3. Thank you all on so many great ideas if you have anymore keep them comming we will be ordering supplies in the next few days.. Ally
  4. We have gotten together with the former day camp cord We have been working on this non stop for 3 weeks now. We have been taking reg since Feb. We do have the paper work already from the fire, hospitals, police, and drs in the area, we do have shelter, we have tigers up to weblos. We have a first aider for each site, actually even better a nurse at some sites. We are making arrangements for storage. We have secured a tent for the archery. We have a vender for the shirts and my FD has made decisions on the shirts and patches. I will have a Trading post. We are in the works as to what we will pu
  5. I will be going to the training before the day camp goes on. No one stepped up to the plate so the program director( who is new) and I decided we would do it. I am just finding out in the 3 weeks I have started that there is so much planning. I was sold at this will be a piece of cake and it so easy. I do have a lot of exepence working with kids in the profession I am in. We have contaced the police to see if tey can come out and peak to the kids about safty, The fire co we are working on. Game and Commission to speak about wildlife, Fishing commission to speak and show proper fishing techniqu
  6. Also They are over four weeks at diffrent days it runs June to the end of July with a week for July 4 off. we do have some scouts that will be attending all 4 weeks but not may maybe a handful. Thanks Ally
  7. These are all good ideas. I am registered for the schooling but it wont be until the first week of June and our camp starts June 23. We do have a ton of kids in our districts we have 4 districts that will be combined at this day camp. I have some people give me ideas here and there. I am very excited but scared at the same time. I do have people that are trained for archery. That is all we are doing this year no other shooting. The old director said they had specials that the kids always looked forward to? I am at loss as to what to do at specials? We contacted the police, fire dept to come ta
  8. Hello I am the new Summer Day camp coord in our area this year. I have never done this and my program coord has never don this either. Our theme is Knights of the round table and mideval times. Do any of you have any ideads or suggestions or things you did in previous years that worked for your camps. We have a four week program at 3 different sites. I have never attended a day camp or has my son so we are all very new to this. Any Help would be so appreciated. Thanks so Much!! Ally
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