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Am I that stupid?

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In the Present: Am I that stupid?


Flashback to Jun 5th. I'm headed out to Camp Happy to take a CPR class that I need for my upcoming trip to Ely. It's staff week and I see members of my Venture Crew and other guys I haven't seen since last summer. We shoot the breeze about the summer of 2004 when I was Aquatics Director. I walk into the Camp Director's office to check in. Once he sees me, he states he needs to talk to me. "Great" I think to myself, "One of the boneheads from the crew has done something". Once we get out of earshot and eyesight of anybody he starts to beg..."We need you to be Aquatics Director, the current one can only be here for staff week and session one." Now the Camp Head Honcho is a big guy and I've never seen him look so pitiful. It reminded me of when my daughter brought home a mangy old cat and ask if we could keep it. How could I refuse, plus being one of about 3 camp school qualified Aq dirs... I stated that I needed to switch around some vacation days and I'll see what I can do.

I contact work and I'm able to be Aq Dir for session two. Camp Dir shows signs of happiness.


Fast forward to Jun 9th. I'm back out at Camp Happy helping out the Cub Scouts' Fun with Son. Staff members start swarming around me welcoming me aboard for session two.


fast forward to the present. How did I get myself into this mess? Come to think of it, this going to be one fun, wet and wild, messy week back at Camp.


If you're headed to Camp Happy next week, come down by the waterfront. I'll have coffee and a chair for ya!!! Can't wait!!!!



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Tell ya the truth Cary, my first reaction was a big "YES" ;);)


We all know you can't say No. There's a lot of people involved in Scouts who can't do so.


I'll say that no, you're not that stupid; you just keep rememering the Scout Oath: "to help other people at all times."

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No your aren't stupid. You are like so many of us.

Have a hard time using that ugly two letter work when it comes to kids.


Like my mother's little sign said.


A Hundred years from NOw

it will not matter what my bank account was

the sort of house I lived in

or the kind of car I drove


But the world may be different because I was

important in the life of a CHILD.

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I second that comment. You are not stupid, just a great person trying to help out the kids. My son and I are headign out to scout camp ourselves next week as adult leaders.

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