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  1. It has been awhile since summer camp has ended, but I wanted to let everyone know that this training was VERY successful! We trained 24 leaders and 8 of those were from out of council units! I am busy working out the bugs (great Woodbadge ticket ain't it ,-)) and preparing next summers training already! I would suggest holding training during your summer camp to accomadate those leaders that just can't make weekend trainings. I will happily share our plan with anyone that is interested. Well, that is once I have it nailed down for 2006 camping season. Thanks for all your support! Jane I used to be a FOX and a good old RED fox too!
  2. I just finished my 2nd weekend (last weekend) NE-IV 181 hosted by Juniata Valley Council!! Definitely working my ticket I USED TO BE A FOX AND A GOOD OLD RED FOX TOO!
  3. Can I bring the Pie Irons to the campfire?
  4. I am awfully found of our Council's summer camp and its program/staff...Here is the website, (the webmaster is updating the camp page at the moment): http://www.jvcbsa.org/Camp/index.htm We also have a high adventure camp: SMAC, Aug. 7-12, 2005 We are also in the planning stages of offering Adult Training during all 4 weeks of summer camp this year!!
  5. Merger vote to take place Feb 22, they say it will be a close one, but I have heard too many against the merger.... I can't wait to attend Woodbadge (last yr's weeklong was cancelled)...I've been to almost every training imaginable, except Woodbadge! As for Biddle....we will NEVER get that guy off the farm! :-) You know him! I will tell them both you said hello!
  6. NE-IV-181 Wood Badge for the 21st Century Hosted by: Juniata Valley Council Reedsville, PA Two 3-day weekends- Aug 19-21, 2005 and Sep 23-25, 2005 Sessions run from 8AM Friday through 5PM on Sunday. One or two patrol meetings will take place between the sessions. The course will take place at Seven Mountains Scout Camp; Spring Mills, PA All interested should contact: Course Director: GT Thompson 814-625-2692 GThompson@shcares.org The registration form can be downloaded at: http://jvcbsa.org/WB%20NE-IV-181%20Flyer.pdf
  7. I agree with the comments already stated...as a leader! NOW as a Mother...I would be outraged by someone telling me that one of my sons cannot wear their badge, any badge, that they have earned! Why would anyone want to hold a child back? This question has haunted me for a long time. Believe me, you aren't the first person to ask WHY? Some Troop leaders in my council even want to put EXTRA requirements on earning your Eagle Award (and my oldest son was to be the troop example)...SO I marched right into the Council Service Center and asked to speak to the Scout Executive (but that was me on the Eagle award).. I guess it always comes back to..ARE THESE LEADERS TRAINED? Do they know what their job descriptions are? DO they even have a clue? And WHY OH WHY would anyone want to hold a scout back from earning, or even wearing what they have worked hard to earn?
  8. BY all means, take him along! My family attended Philmont Training center August, 2004. I was at Cub Scout Trainers training, while hubby was busy with his Silverado group and my 2 sons, (14 & 12) were busy with their groups! My 12 yr old was in the trailblazer group and they were kept VERY busy! He couldn't wait to wake up in the morning to get back to the group. AND the overnight campout plus the hike was the best thing he said! The group gets to hike and see things that we, at training don't! He took his own camera, and the pictures were phenomenal! They get a taste of what Philmont contingency crews get to do on their week long treks! We had a wonderful time, and the boys loved it! The staff are "unbeatable" and Philmont is the best place on earth! Will we ever go back again! YOU BET! HINT: Every afternoon we had a thunderstorm (not always had rain, but lightning). Raing gear is a must! If you have any other questions, please don;t hesitate to ask!
  9. I found this info while searching for new places to camp. Our troop has camped on Assateague a number of times, and we love it. The Park is now adding extra Day camps for fun in the sun things to do while learning! Assateague State Park 2005 Environmental Education Day Camps Assateague Mini - Survivor Day Camp Ages: 9 14 Tuesdays and Wednesdays (2-day session) All sessions: 1:00 3:00 p.m. Session 1: June 28 & 30 Session 2: July 19 & 20 Are you up for the challenge? Come out and learn about the nature of barrier islands, pirates, shipwrecks, and more. This session investigates basic survival skills and the preservation of nature. On the oceanside, basic campfire safety will be studied and tribes will be formed. Participants may use their imaginations to construct team names, flags, and bandanas. Afterwards, a recycling challenge will be held to see who can create the most resourceful project out of trash collected on the beach. On the bayside, Maryland native species will be explored, while canoe and kayak safety and paddling techniques will be taught. Can you survive on Assateague Island? ** All equipment is provided, including snack and drinks. Day One of camp meets at Nature Center; Day Two meets at State Park marina. Participants should wear clothes that can get wet and must wear shoes or sandals (non-flip-flop type). Service charge of $40 per participant. Space is limited, pre-registration required. Call (410) 641-2120 x20 or email abaldwin@dnr.state.md.us.
  10. Thank you for all the input on this idea! It is appreciated! Another Training Chair and I have sent out emails asking for opinions on this training during summer camp. The response so far is good, with some negatives. For the most part, some of the positives are: Leaders can take this training while they have a week off work already, that the leaders can apply this training right away, and it gives Leaders something to do while the scouts are at merit badge classes. The negatives are: the leaders like the weekend course without scouts there, the camp is too full, scarce trainers in camp. I have had responses from Scoutmaster's that are knowledgeable in certain areas to help train a course, and leaders that want to sign up for training. So far, so good.
  11. Juniata Valley and Keystone Council's are still in the process of the merger study, although the vote will be coming up at the end of this month. If the merger goes through, it will NOT automatically be called "Keystone-Juniata Council". There is a part of the merger study that states there will be a New Council name contest. BUT don't hold your breath on the merger passing in one of the councils!
  12. I was wondering if any other Scout camps offer IOLS during summer camp to accomodate leaders. We had a suggestion to run this (weekend) course during summer camp since the SM's and ASM's have already taken off work to attend with their respective troops. If anyone has any suggestions or help, I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. I would love to trade too. I am from Juniata Valley Council in Central PA, and one of few female members of Monaken Lodge. Will trade CSP or lodge flaps. Email: shawneetrainer@yahoo.com
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