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Compare & contrast: SeaBase, Northern Tier & Philmont

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Our troop planned their own triathlons where the troop would hike, bike and canoe in one outing, but I have not heard of an organized version. That would be really cool. Ideally the crew changes camp every day by hiking, biking or canoeing to and from camp. Depending on the requirements like what you can carry, biking could be the hardest for a crew if they have to carry all the gear. But, a following crew of cars can solve that problem.


Takes some long term planning to get all the gear and get prepared for using it. It was a perfect program for a troop because it required learning so many skills and learning a lot about setting up the equipment. An organized outside program would help that a lot.


Sounds like a great trip, please keep us in formed how it works.




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Don't forget about MOHAB - Montana High Adventure Base. The web site is http://www.hike4ever.com/mohab.html


More information can be found at:



Anyone have first-hand experience?


We just got back from a family vacation out to Yellowstone, Custer State Park and the Badlands. I'd like to introduce the idea of a back-country Yellowstone trip to the boys in a year or two. There are lots of options for trips, in all parts of the park. There are also plenty of sites to see, as a bonus.

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Im kind of disappointed in the short sighted view that some of the respondents have that Seabase sailing is basically a vacation True you dont deal with bear bags or sleep with your head in the dirt but it offers challenges and experiences that can be only found at a few places in this planet.


The Keys 152 mile coral reef system is the United States only living tropical reef. Giving our youth the experience to explore and grow to appreciate its beauty is the only way we can hope to pass this on to future generations.


Sailing is the only activity where you are at one with the environment. You must account for weather, tides, the ability of your crew and your boat. Misjudge any of those points and you may have a very bad day. Likewise you can also have the time of your life.


Having sailed for over twenty years I would say being Scouty doesnt cut it. You must have Scout skills as a base then learn the skills of weather, navigation, and seamanship. Seabase offers a taste of those skills and a good captain will act to pass those along.


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I'm not sure we are short sighted about SeaBase, but comparing it to Philmont and Northern Tiers, it is far more of a vacation than a physical challenge. I also have been sailing for over 20 years, have my bareboat certification and regularily charter boats. There are plenty of challenges in sailing and plenty to learn at sea. But the conditions SeaBase operate in and the way that the boats are operated, the scouts have very little need to prepare for when they participate. There is no way a scout can just relax his way through Philmont or NT, but he sure can at SeaBase, at least while sailing. Still, its a great program and I'd highly recommend any scout who has the opportunity to take it do so. Its a heck of a lot cheaper than getting your own charter license and taking out your own boat.

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I stand by my original premise. If its some physical endurance test your unit is looking for then Philmont is OK, Boundry is even better. But I truly think that Scouting needs to respect "Mother Ocean" and its importance to the overall health to this planet and our well being. The more young men exposed to such an adventure then the more will want to preserve its legacy.


BTW our unit will achieve the Triple Crown for four of our youth this summer.


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Philmont, 22000 plus scouts a year can not be wrong....lol


If they are into the hiking our Council here in New Mexico, where we have 2 National Camps, has a summer camp with a few treks that are as good or better than Philmont. We even have one with 22 river crossings...lol


All fun aside I would go where ever the boys want to go, it is there program do not let the SM run it.





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