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  1. Since when being the Chief Exective of 2 goverment bodys not experence. Since when being a 4 year senator with no leadership experence. Since when being a man in the senate for all his life with no leadership except committees experence. Since when being a commanding officer of the largest figther wing not experence. Since when living thru being a captive in a hostile state not a true example of FP. Since when is Obama a leader and not a speach in a suit reading what someone else wrote for him and setting in the pews with Rev. Wright spewing for 20 years leadership. Since when setting on a com
  2. I am a BUFFALO and will always be one I hope. I plan on working tickets until my scouting is over. I love the annual ticket idea. WE5-412-2-08
  3. A few troops is planning a 50 miler this spring. We are going to boat the Rio Grande. It will be from South of Albuquerque to the Sevietta Wildlife Refuge. We are going to attempt a larger service project on the river along the way. If there are any other troops interested we are always looking to interact with new people. We are going to limit this to 120 boys and we are still working out the dates as we can not concrete it in until we see the snow pack this winter.. So it is a planning idea now. YiS, Jeff
  4. I assume that we were going to come to an agreement that there is more than the Advancement Committee that sets the program at summer camp. But I guess that is not going to happen. I am not one to be combatitive but I also do not take being talked down too. I would request that I be talked to as an adult as I will always talk to you as a adult.. Sometimes we need recall the scout law and oath in our everyday lives, after all how can me set on a board over boys that must live the life when we are not... A Scout is Trustworthy. A Scout tells the truth. He is honest, and he keeps his p
  5. I do not have a Merit Badge book in my hard at his minute, since I am at home and they are at my office. Is there a copywrite on them? I do not ever recall there being one. YiS, Jeff
  6. Philmont, 22000 plus scouts a year can not be wrong....lol If they are into the hiking our Council here in New Mexico, where we have 2 National Camps, has a summer camp with a few treks that are as good or better than Philmont. We even have one with 22 river crossings...lol All fun aside I would go where ever the boys want to go, it is there program do not let the SM run it. YiS, Jeff
  7. Make sure the program at summer camps encompasses Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing procedures for advancement. The procedures should be established, in writing, by the council advancement committee in cooperation with the camp director or program director prior to the beginning of camp. The main word in that paragraph is the word SHOULD... that is why there are options. If it says SHALL then there is only one way and tha this way. Legalezzz sorry I deal with too many lawyers in my paying job. Should is a guide and not a rule, now Shall makes it hard fast. YiS, Jeff
  8. We think we are going to look at the winter snows then make a desision... We can do a 100 miles on the Rio Grande if we have the run off...That is close to home and we do not know if anyone has tried it before. So it should be fun. YiS, Jeff
  9. I did not pay attention to the name of person at National. I will call the SE in the morning and ask him who it was. But I was just reading the accreditation requirments on the web and I did not even see that in the packet, but I only skimmed it. There are Rules and there are guidelines, I belive the Advancement manual in a guide and not a rule book. I need to read the exact line and see if it say they SHALL approve or they SHOULD that is a large difference. Jeff
  10. I guess I was correct on the 20 days and 20 nights of camping. I was in a meeting at council today. I asked if the Council Advancement Committee must approve all Merit Badges at Council run camps. So they called national to ask, since no one knew the correct answer. National advised, we were on speaker phone where we could all hear. We were advised that a Camp accreditted must have that done, but since alot of camps are not accreditted they can do as taught at National Camping School. Since I am not attending NCS until next year at Philmont I am not sure what is taught. We had 7 NCS grads
  11. How many total days and nights of camping does a scout need to progress from Scout to Eagle Scout? The Scout only needs 20 days and 20 Nights. Since I am a camping MBC I open there blue card for the camping merit badge as soon as they go on there first camping trip so all the night count for there advancement and there merit badge. So the min is 20 days and nights. I would hope the Scout is in a troop that camps alot more than that before be becomes a Eagle, but you never can tell.. Heck we do 30 a year not including summer camps or any high adventure the scout may do. YiS,
  12. The Council Advancement Committee is responsible for the merit badge and advancement programs at Summer camp. I think that is incorrect, as when a Merit Badger Councilor is in camp for the week, every camp I have ever seen or attended adds that MB if the MBC wantes to teach his skill. I do belive that is up to the Program Director, Camp Commissioner, and the Camp Director to approve. I may be incorrect but I have seen it for happen and the cards always hold up. YiS, Jeff
  13. Ok see it went into the training section and not the camping one... I am sorry to the site police it was a miss click. Thanks for the info. YiS, Jeff
  14. We are wanting to do the 50 miler in a canoe next year. We will travel, since there is not 50 miles of river in New Mexico to really canoe or float. Anyone had any good trips with outfitters that understand that we have to have atleast 5 days? Anyone had an exceptional river trip that we should look at? Any ideas would be great. YiS, Jeff
  15. Please email me any and all items you care to share about the OLSWL or IOLS.. I am always looking for new ideas. thanks, Jeff jrcrum@firequenchers.net
  16. Since I do not wear any knots, since I never got my Eagle back in Kansas City before moving to Arkanasas. I think the only knot I would wear is the Scoutmaster Knot, since it requires the PLC to write a letter saying how you EARNED it, as well as the Committee Chair. Just my humble toughts YIS, Jeff
  17. Hello all, Has anyone attended or helped put on a Outdoor Leaders Skills for Webelos Leaders class. I am the training committee chair for a district here in New Mexico and we want to hold a class at the same time as IOLS so the Webelo Leaders can meet the Scouters. But I can not find anything on the training requirments for the Webelo class. Any help would be great. YiS, Jeff
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