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Backpacking - Boys Planning The Menu

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"After sumping and trying to choke down warm water with chunks of semi liquid leftovers, what is the leave no trace rule for cleaning up several piles of vomit from the campsite?"


That's what I thought at first but what's really the difference between chili and chili with a bit of water added? Besides after humping a 40 to 50 lb ruck up and down mountains for a day, you'll eat anything. I even ate green beans on a hike and normally I'd rather go hungry than eat green beans.


Speaking of food and philmont, one of the greatest things going there when it comes to food are the "swap boxes." Food that you don't want is deposited in a box at a staff camp for anyone to take. Amazing what you can find in there. One day I scored six bags of tuna. Another goodie that was frequently in the swap boxes was the freeze dried corn. Light and fluffy, can eat it dry and it makes a great snack.

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They do only use the instant oatmeal bag for their bowl! They don't bring pots and all that along, just a mess kit and one of those large thermal cups where they add boiling water and let their meal steep for a while.


I wish the boys would have considered stove top stuffing or rice-a-roni, some canned roast beef, deviled ham or tuna, maybe some cheese and crackers, pepperoni or summer sausage sticks, even a little beef jerky or some of that pre-made boxed bacon to add to their cup o' noodles and ramen meals. Instant pudding would have been a change too.


But at least talking about my own son, seems like he could live off of Top Ramen forever and never blink an eye. I would just really like the boys to add a little variety to their meals but convincing them to "think outside the ramen" is sort of like nailing jello to a tree.


Last I checked for my son active in football daily he needed something like 3700 cals. I doubt hiking would be any different. I think maybe the best way to challenge them to think about adding a little variety is to have them add up the calories and meet a certain goal! That's an awesome idea. Thank you!


Telling them they are free to produce a menu with the caveat that it needs to be at least 3,000 cals a day should be a great challenge. Of course we'll have to provide them some calore counts but that shouldn't be too hard!

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For me, hiking on flat with a 50 lb pack is about 200 Calories (Big "C" calories) per mile so a 10 mile hike is 2000 Calories. Add in your basal rate of around 1,000 Calories, throw in a few more for staying warm at night and you are looking at 3,500 to 4,000 Calories. Wow!


Throw in some hills and the number really soar. According to the treadmill at my gym, at a 15% grade my caloric output nearly doubles.



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GW, what kind of roasting bag would that be? Not PLASTIC would it ;). Probably a goat stomach eh?


Those who won't human sump, get an origami bowl, the kind that fold flat.


When you are done with your gruel, simply unfold, Scooby Do it clean.

Next time you need it, dip in boiling water to sanitize.

At Philmont, we never did dishes. We sanitized our bowls and spoons in the same boiling water we used for re-hydration. We re-hydrated in PLASTIC roasting bags, slopped in origami bowls, Scooby Do'd the scraps. Good times. However, I will say, by the 11th day, everything tasted the same.

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"GW, what kind of roasting bag would that be? Not PLASTIC would it . Probably a goat stomach eh?"


Yes, plastic. We dunna make haggis on hikes.


BTW, wouldn't an origami bowl UNFOLD to be flat.


Is Scooby-Doing licking like a dog?


One problem with an origami bowl, you have to carry an origami cup too for when you're drinking coffee. :-)



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Ah, you are very quick grasshopper. Unfold is correct.

Yes, Scooby Doing is licking your plate (unfolded bowl) clean. Can't do that with a deep, unfolding bowl unless you are Gene Simmons.


Did you check the website? They have a folding cup. About useless in my mind. But it does work, I guess.


No sir, my mess kit is a Spork, folding bowl and cheap plastic travel cup with lid for my only libation allowed on scouting events. Small carabiner to clip on my pack for quick access when visiting neighboring campsites.

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Soup is the last course of the meal. Say the main course is beef stew. Eat about 2/3 of the stew. Add hot water to the remainder. There is your vegetable beef soup. Add a little bit more at the very end, and your cup is 99% clean. Present the idea for what it is, soup, and it works. Present it as drinking dirty dishwater out of the sump, and it doesn't work so well.

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Joni4TA, your menu isn`t too far from what we take on the Appalachian Trail. I like to toss in a treat in between meals while we hike. Like Cracker Jacks, Slim Jim or even some gummy bears. At Philmont they prepare your meals to intake 3200 Calories a day. One of the meals I like when I take the boys to the AT isa Chief Boyardee Spaghetti mix in a box. All you need is a gallon coffee can. Boil your water. Place your sauce in the hot water while you cook your spaghetti. When your spaghetti is done. Drain your water and poor your sauce over your spaghetti. It will feed at least four people. I even like to take garlic bread too. Too keep from having to clean a lot of bowls............ I take Chinet paper bowls. You eat your meal and then burn the bowl in the campfire. Just make sure the boys don`t have food in there bowls. In most cases the food won`t burn and it will draw animals.

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I take Chinet paper bowls. You eat your meal and then burn the bowl in the campfire.


Seems pretty wasteful to me, just to avoid cleanin' a bowl. :(


Also make sure yeh check da regs. Burnin' even paper food bowls in fires ain't exactly what we'd call good LNT practice, and is discouraged/inappropriate in some states and management areas.







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