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  1. dzierzak

    Scouts Tenting Alone?

    From the 2009 Philmont Guide to Adventure (specific Philmont rules): Tents Tents must be carried and used while at Philmont. Sudden downpours and gusty winds require appropriate shelter. Every member of your crew should know how to pitch, strike and fold a backpacking tent. Philmont issues the BSA Philmont Backpacker tent. (Footprint 5'6" x 7'6", approximate weight 5.6 Ibs.) If you bring your own tent it must be a 2-person tent. Philmont will allow a single person tent in the event of an odd numbered crew. (No bivey sacks). The "No Bivey Sacks" has been specified since 2002 (my first trek).
  2. dzierzak

    Thought for Today

    The reason it's not recommended for navigation, IIRC, is that the sectional maps were more up to date, i.e. newer trails were shown and older trails deleted.
  3. dzierzak

    District Review of Eagle Project Books

    WAAAYYY too long. Once the project is finished and all paperwork is turned in, average time 'til the BOR here is 1-2 weeks. Kind of sounds like adding requirements? ed dz
  4. dzierzak

    Historic Trails

    http://www.scouting.org/applications/trails.aspx or, if this link doesn't work, go to www.scouting.org and use the search box for "historic trails" Ed d
  5. dzierzak

    how do those switchbacks hold up?

    I've always stuffed the legs in the cargo pockets when they're zipped off... ed dz
  6. dzierzak

    Philmont trek with sleep apnea

    I have OSA and use a CPAP. I've been on two treks since being diagnosed. Bringing the CPAP is not an option at Philmont. Even with newer, lighter machines and better batteries it's not possible - no chances for recharging, difficulty in staging batteries, weight, etc. Having said that, I have a dental device called "Silent-Nite". It was made by my dentist. It keeps my lower jaw pulled forward and helps keep the airway open. It is not as good as the CPAP, no comparison. However, it allows me to be active in the backcountry without the CPAP. I definitely do no sleep as well without the CPAP, but I look at this as part of the price. Types of solutions and their effectiveness depend on the individual case. YMMV - ICWTGBTP ed
  7. dzierzak

    Wilderness First Aid vs EMT

    Note, in previous years equivalent training included (quote from website): "Equivalent training may include instruction by ambulance or fire department personnel, community colleges, or other organizations. You must have a letter indicating length of training, topics covered, and participant roster." This is no longer listed as an option in the Planning Guide. ed
  8. dzierzak

    Wilderness First Aid vs EMT

    The BSA National website has apparently NOT been updated with new requirements. The 2008 Council & Unit Planning Guide sent to all lead advisors included the following on page 3: "Philmont requires that at least one person, preferably two, (either an advisor or a youth participant) in each crew be currently certified in American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid or the equivalent* and CPR from the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross or the equivalent." * is a list of the equivalent nationally-recognized organizations. Parts of the above statement were bolded and underlined. The 2008 Planning Guide is available at: http://philmontdocs.watchu.org/Docs/Planning_guides/Council_guide_2008.pdf ed
  9. dzierzak

    New venture crew....several questions

    We just had a major discussion concerning Venturing and OA in our Council. According to our Lodge Advisor, OA members MUST be registered with a Troop or District/Council position. Membership in Venturing only or Cub Scouts only is not an option. ed
  10. As former Course Director for our Council's JLTC/NYLT course (Brownsea 22/Brownsea NYLT), I can tell you that the Council got very little of what was taken in by the course. We followed the National syllabus for both versions of the course. Our fees were $75-$100 as the years went on. Seems low? Yes, actually below cost for each course. We were able to charge less because Scouters who believed in leadership training made donations to the course. The actual course costs were about $160-$175 per person. Staff were not charged. We did not want to charge youth staff who were giving of their time to lead the course. I feel that WB21C and NYLT are valuable experiences. Please do see if scholarships are available. I've taken the old WB and staffed the new. Different experiences but both valuable. ed
  11. dzierzak

    Backpacking - Boys Planning The Menu

    Another source for backpacking meals is http://www.freezerbagcooking.com/ Most meals for one or two people. Minimal cleanup! ed
  12. dzierzak

    Philmont - cost vs. value

    That should be 600 FEET asl. Dunno why single quote showed up as double quote...
  13. dzierzak

    Philmont - cost vs. value

    Council contingent from West Virginia - 2008 trek - $1350 total. Breakdown Phil fee - $560 Airfare - $450 (est) Hotel, food, bus, etc. make up the rest. We try to get out west 2 days early to get a bit acclimated to altitude, we''re at about 600'' asl here!
  14. The extra 20 pounds in the belt area.....