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My prototype uniform

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Like we needed more options?

However a couple of years ago I did make/modify one just for fun.

Take one tan colored Army BDU style blouse, yes that is what they are called,

strip off the upper pockets and fabricate ODL style ones from them and resew,( I started this project before the anouncement of the CU).

Humm, shoulder straps, well I think they are a waste so won't

spend effort in adding them, could sew green squares on the shoulders instead.

The big job was removing the BDU style covered button system and sewing new buttonholes and tan buttons, didn't have a supply of the new style. Left the lower pockets alone for now as I have not seen anything that would look better.


And it hangs in my closet, while it has councl, lodge, flag, troop# it has neither "Boy Scouts of America" over the pocket nor a "Offical Scout" tag in the collar.

It has never left the house as I'm still sounding out others for some constructive critisium.

The project started when I kept thinking how early Scouts cut down surplus Army uniforms, though I will admit my project was no where near as "Thrifty" and I'm sure wearing it to a Council event might cause a little consternation.


The pluses:



covers your suspenders

no retucking your shirt

lower pockets much more usfull than "tech" pocket



not neckerchief friendly as colar is much bulkier when tucked under

must wear something underneth

not Offical/Approved and only the most numb could fail to notice

took a fair amount of time and skill to create

would look goofy as a short sleeve?

must locate donor ODL shirt for strip over pocket



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Prairie, that's interesting, wish I could see a photo.


Sounds like your prototype would be very functional and tough.


I've got a boxful of those desert ABUs in the garage, from various deployments. I really like them.


Another thought I've heard kicked around is taking off-the-rack outdoor/hunting shirt and pants from sporting good stores and putting a few BSA patches on them.

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Prairie, my apologies, I should have read closer--I see what style and color you are referring to. Good choice of shirt, I think.


And I agree re leaving off the wasteful shoulder straps. Though the BSA tries to avoid a military image, it sure contradicts itself with shoulder straps/loops. Why they utilize such a visible means to distinguish between organizational levels is beyond me, and smacks of parade ground vanity.


The only other thought I have as I picture your shirt in minds eye: how would it look leaving the original top pockets in place? Would be very useful in the field.

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Well ScoutBox, drop the shoulder straps, remove the bathrobe belt, scale down the upper pockets and change the flap to one that suits lodge flaps and you are close to what I made. It's also looks a little longer through the body but thats okay.

Gonna be a tough sell at that price point.

My first scout shirts had that pleated pocket style, at least it won't look so bad on female Scouters and males carrying extra weight, like me.

Now I'm torn between that style and an UN-bellowed version of the CUstyle with buttons.

I do prefer the larger GI style buttons but too much stuff is out there sized to the smaller ones.

Looks like it has a generous size collar, wouldn't bother me as long as it could be tucked under comfortably.

I'm kinda meh on velcro for uniforms having worn Switchbacks and CUs for a while, buttons still work and are quiet.


I see wearing something like this as opening posibilites not causing restrictions in the field, shall we call it the Out Shirt?


desertrat77: No problem, just complying with the "no camo" rule, frankly I'dd rather have one in BSA green. ;-)


And I was moved to post this after reading the Fake Uniforms thread. Yes mine is a fake, but done for reasons other than avoiding buying one from a Scout Shop.(This message has been edited by prairie)

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It is very uncomfortable wearing a collar on the outside of a shirt. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be tucked to the inside of a shirt. plus it would kinda look like you didn't know how to get dressed.

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You don't have to imagine, try it.


Please keep in mind, the collar is tucked under for NECKERCHIEF wear.


I frequently wear neckers as an adult and tucking under the collar makes it fit much better, I also used to see collars buttoned up to the top like for necktie wear and the necker worn over that, tried it once, never again but I've always had a large neck.


PS: I have a ODL that has had the offending collar removed and cloth tape sewn around the neck hole, a big improvement for a polly/cotton shirt.(This message has been edited by prairie)

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