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a new-new uniform shirt

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I always wore a class B under my ODL shirt and would dump the Class A as soon as possible. Last night at Commish's meeting, no class B and stayed very comfortable in a stuffy basement meeting room.

It just keeps getting better... Fantastic job National! Nice to see you were listening.


Anyone notice the flyer link for the new shirt is no longer good? The short sleeve shirt is now on the scoutstuff.org and *golly* - it costs the same as the centennial nylon. Size availalbility looks a little light, but they had plenty at the Scout Shop!(This message has been edited by jtswestark)

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Well just spent a week in the new shirt. It really isn't that much cooler, temperature, than the old shirt. In that week my whiskers caused the collar to pill and look really bad.


The shoulders don't fit quite right either. Thru the course of the day, the epilets ended up behind my shoulders. I kept having to fiddle with it thru the course of the day to get it to look right.



I am disappointed

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Nuthin' like a field test to tell you how they work!


Thanks for being our guinea pig. I was really hopin' this was going to be a winner - especially since it is 90s during the day and 80s at night around here from late-April 'till past Halloween.


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Wondering, has anyone thought about the vented back causing skin indentations due to a back pack? (Due to the thicker edges and doubled seams)


In WWII, the A-2 jacket back panel was a one piece section of cow or goat hide, because the seam was uncomfortable leaning against the armored seat.


I've held off buying one of these, and with these not so nice reports, won't be, either.


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I still haven't gotten mine yet. But I wore my older Venturing shirt to camp Monday on a day visit, and it was bloody hot as well. So I don't think any shirt would be kool enough standing out in the sun or sitting in a wind less shade. Base! did you wear a t-shirt under the new shirt? Sometimes I find that any shirt with a collar will do as your did slidding to the rear of the shoulders.. I have the same problem with all of my shirts.

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I bought the new - and improved - Scout shirt (long sleeve) a few weeks ago. Here are my comments:


- "Boy Scouts of America" is ont embroiderd on - GREAT.

- No pocket on sleeve - GREAT.

- Button AND buttonhole underneath each pokcet flap. - GREAT. No having to worry about losing temporary hanging patches. Also, the Powderhorn device fits also. I understand it did not work properly with the earlier centennial shirts.

- Vented back panel with mesh underneath - GREAT. The vent has a tab with Velcro on it. Above the vent is a loop. The vent can be opened up on hot days. It worked well for me.

The material is a very soft microfiber - GOOD. Based on other microfiber products I've used, I think the material will have decent durability.

- No more pocket drain thingies - GOOD.

- Quality seems much better than the previous "centennial" shirts - GOOD.

- Made in Bangladesh, not USA - BAD.

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I am getting a real chuckle out of all the folks complaining about paying "$30+" for a shirt. Short sleeve shirts are $39.99 and long sleeve are $44.99. Thirty plus doesn't really describe something that basically goes for $40-45.





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