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This is about the third time I've heard knee socks are back. I've seen scouts wearing new-style knee socks here and there. Yet ScoutStuff doesn't have them, and I've never seen them in the scout shop.


Now, I have a nice little cache of ODL knee socks, thankfully, so I'm good for a while. But at some point the elastic is all going to go. So are there new knee socks available or not?


EDIT: Whaddya know, they don't show up when you pull up "Boy Scout uniforms-socks" on ScoutStuff, but DO show up when you just pull up the general socks page. Right. Knee socks are back indeed!(This message has been edited by bando)

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They are back and they feel nice! They are great with a pair of cowboy boots. Wish I could afford to wear them daily but I do evil things to socks and even the best won't last long on my feet.



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