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What do you mean by commando rope? If it is a uniform piece, then the answer would be the scout shop.


The rope type uniform piece is the Den Chief shoulder loop. Cubs have similar should loops.

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Gotta make them as most folks, except a few old fogeys like myself and others here, know what they are. Real easy to make and handy to. All you need is 8-9 feet of manilla rope, a wooden toggle, and a knowledge of splices, specifically round and eye.

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Gracekouca - I know of no supplier for pre-made commando ropes.


Resqman (and others) wondering what this is,


The "commando rope" or toggle rope, is a length of rope (commonly 6 - 10 feet)with an open eye splice in one end and a toggle, secured with a second eye splice in the other. Commandos (or scouts) could each carry a length of rope with them around their waist, over their shoulder, etc and join them together as needed for longer ropes. Nobody had to carry the whole load of rope alone and by slipping the toggles through the open eye splice, no knots were needed, saving time.


There are many sites with directions for making these, my favorite is the "buddy rope" which adds a thimble and carabiner for greater security. The directions are can be found online at: http://trooponesixteen.org/Documents/Camping/BuddyRope.pdf

Thanks to Troop 116, Fayetteville, Arkansas for posting.


For some historic (and decidely NON-Scout-like) footage of the commando rope in action check out: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/bataan/sfeature/sf_rangers_pop_11_qt.html

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My council is running the old BA22 course (at the parent's meeting, the BA22 SM told us "as far as I know, we're the only council that still runs it" -- but I have no confirmation of that fact -- a google search shows that some councils run NYLT but call it BA22).


I took it during the 70s "All Out for Scouting" phase -- and yes, I made on. Thought it was pretty cool.


Anyway, my oldest is at this year's BA22 course. Started yesterday. It will be interesting to see if he makes one too.


(Eagle92 -- I remember your query about the syllabus -- I'll ask the BA22 SM at the end of the week).



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