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Does anyone recall a plain dark green necktie as part of the scouter's uniform?


One assistant scoutmaster says that BSA once had this for "dress" occasions like Courts of Honor. They are not offered by the Supply Division, so he found one that he says is the same thing. It does make the uniform look much more formal than either a troop neckerchief or a bolo.


The only neckties presently available through National are intended for wear with civies, particularly a blue blazer. The only people I've ever seen wearing them are professionals.


This isn't a major hot button item. I'm just curious.

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Thanks, OGE, for the quick response. Do you know when it was discontinued as an official uniform item? Or if it can still be worn? I think we might be about to get a suggestion that we adult leaders all adopt them...

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Egad - neckties! Every now and then, the supply division does something right and dropping the necktie was one of 'em. I don't think I know a single Scouter who wears a necktie anymore with the uniform - in my opinion it looks rather archaic (but then my kind abhors suits!) Of course there are the professionals ...

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oldsm wrote:


"Does anyone recall a plain dark green necktie as part of the scouter's uniform?"




"So the green tie did exist. The question no one has answered: Can it still be worn? (Without running afoul of the UP?)"


I'm afraid that there is no black or white answer to this question, only shades of grey . . . well, green, actually . . . and khaki.


As SWScouter points out, the current Male Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet permits male Scout leaders to wear an "olive leader's tie." So, I guess if by dark green you mean olive drab, then that is OK. Fortunately for me, I found a treasure trove of old BSA-licensed OD neckties at a local Scouting retailer for under $5.00. My wife says that they look "too militaristic," so I haven't worn them yet, but some day I will.


I have seen vintage Scout Leader ties on eBay that are more like a dark forest or kelly green. I don't know if you can wear one of those without running afoul of the uniform police (I've never seen OldGreyEagle's advice that any uniform part that was once an official part of the uniform may be worn with the current uniform written down anywhere, so I don't know whether the UP would recognize this as a valid "common law" exception to the 2006 Insignia Code and refrain from issuing you a citation or let you off with just a warning, or what . . . proceed at your own risk).


The BSA website's page for Male Cub Scout Leader Uniforms states that male Cub Scout Leaders may wear "an olive or tan dress tie." I'm not sure whether your run-of-the-mill UP officer would even be familiar with this "tan dress tie" loophole, so I advise printing out a copy of this page and keeping it on your person at all times. A while back, I purchased a vintage BSA-licensed tan leader's tie on eBay for around $20.00. I haven't seen them on eBay all that often since that time. I've worn it to a couple of COHs. I got a few puzzled looks, but no comments.


Of course, neckties are not official uniform wear for female leaders under any circumstances, so ladies wearing even vintage BSA-licensed olive or tan neckties would run afoul of the UP and would be cited accordingly. Whether this is gender discrimination or it encourages "profiling" on the part of the UP is a topic for another thread!



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