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New Activity Pants that zipoff and become shorts

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I suspect that most of the people who spend time on this forum are those who spend a lot of time on Scouting--it's because they're very interested in all aspects of the program, and are looking for ideas as well, that they participate here.

Second, once you've been active on a forum for a while, you begin to regard the other regulars on the forum as friends, and it's fun to chit-chat with your friends about topics that interest you, even if they're not all that important. Imagine if you were standing around at a neighborhood party chatting about the weather, and somebody you barely knew barged in and told you that you were wasting your time discussing inane topics and should be doing something more important--what would be your reaction?

Finally, this is not even a contentious topic, and it served the purpose of letting people know about these new pants. Regulars here know that the issue of BSA pants is one of the burning topics of our time.

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Wow, wonder what that was all about? That's what I get for not visiting every thread.


I was wondering how the sizes are running? I am, shall we say, horizontally challenged...5'6" and a 44 waist in dress pants. But I find that BSA uniform pants run small...I need a 46 or 48 waist, then the crotch is down to my knees and I have to have about 14" trimmed off the cuffs. The end result looks pretty ridiculous. One reason why I hate BSA pants, and don't even attempt to order them online. I know, I know..."why don't you just slim down?"...but that's another forum and I'm not here for that kind of advice. I've TRIED growing taller, but it's just not working.


So, are the sizes running true, or small as usual?

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Gern got em!


These ain't your fancy, COH only, Tuesday-go-to-meeting pants. These are real action figure stuff! I might actually be in full uniform at the next camp out! Heck, I would have worn them while at Northern Tiers. And no Daisy Dukes either. The shorts come down to about an inch above my knee cap. I normally wear a 36x32 pant. I had to bump up to a (large) 36-38 waist and go down to a 30 inseam before I was satisfied with the fit. Still kinda baggy but the integrated belt helps that. Probably because I'm at the bottom end of the large size too. No worries, I like my pants baggy just like Ricky Ricardo. These are nicer and cheaper than my REI supplex convertibles I took to NT. Got the home scout a pair too.

Now comes the real controversy. Can I wear these on non-Scout outings? Can I wear them without my class A (oops, field) shirt? Can I wear them to work? Never thought you'd hear that about a dress (oops, field) uniform did ya?


BTW, they were flying off the rack. The clerks were saying they are having a hard time keeping them in stock.

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I ordered mine through ScoutStuff.org and they arrived today. My first thought was that they looked and felt like GI Nomex Flight Pants, there were also a lot of rappelling ropes to be dealt with! I'm a larger guy and ordered the XL with a 30" inseam.


They are a different shade than my brand new poly/cotton shorts - duller and more drab than olive. The fit is good and my son (a Tiger Cub) commented that now I had camping pants like his. When the legs are zipped off, the shorts hit right above my knees where I normally wear my shorts.



But, I'm looking forward to breaking them in at our Council Family Camp in a few weeks.



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I saw them at the scout shop yesterday and an employee was wearing a pair. They look really good and they go well with the uniform shirt. They look good enough for meetings and a COH in my opinion. If your on a tight budget, there really is no need for to purchase both types of uniform pants; the new ones will do just fine.


Enjoy. The BSA did it right on this one!


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