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Name Tags For Leaders?

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I'm trying to find a place online where I can get a name tag made for my uniform. I want either a gold or silver tad with my name and scouting insignia on it. I've seen other leaders with them but forgot to ask where they got them. Anyone here have an online source?




Jason Bishop

Troop 77 - Foley, AL

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welcome to the forums, kingpin!


I think your best bet will probably be a local mom-and-pop trophy shop. They might be able to do it while you wait and won't charge you any S&H, which would probably double the cost for a one-off order. Even better, ask someone in your unit. Chances are, the troop (or district) has a preexisting relationship with a local business and you might get a better deal.

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As another person noted, the Quartermaster Store is a good source. I have 2-3 different ones for different purposes. I also got the magnetic backings they sell, rather then use the push pins.


Please note the proper wearing of name tags:

* if you are NOT in the OA, the name tag goes ON the right pocket flap.

* if you ARE in the OA, the name tag goes ABOVE the BSA strip above the right pocket. if you have interpreter strips, the name tag goes above them.


(if you wear a Jamboree patch, be sure you leave enough room between the patch and the BSA strip to wear a name tag)


Its NOT worn on the left side. :)


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Not to be a picky son of a gun or anything, but the name tag goes above the BSA strip over the right pocket if there is an OA lodge patch on the pocket flap. A member of the OA without the lodge patch, should place the name tag on the pocket flap.



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Two things-

We use the quartermasterstore.com very happy with them, quick turn around and good product. Lots of choices.



Placement of the name tag is found in the uniform and insignia guide.

The name tag can be worn on either the Pocket flap of the Right pocket OR above the Boy Scouts of America strip.

IF you are in the OA and wear a Flap Patch than the name tag MUST go above the Boy Scouts of America strip.

IF you wear an interpreter Strip.. the name tag goes above it.

IF you wear a National or World Jambo patch it will go below it and above the Boy Scouts of America Strip.

It really is simple. If you open the Scout Handbook or look in the Guide.



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This seems like as good a thread as any to ask this question. Years ago (ok, so not so long ago, but it's been a while) when I was a lodge officer in the OA, one of the lodge members would give us all a nametag. It was brass (or some type of metal, it has a gold coloured finish though) and had an enamel OA logo on it.


Anyway, I have lost mine in the process of moving and everything, and I want to get a replacement. Sadly though, the gentleman who gave us these nametags has passed on.


Does anyone have any idea where these might have come from?

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The purpose in going to an obscure third party supplier for a customized item, instead of the Scout Shop, is to ensure that no one else will ever be able to get the same thing. You can be unique, be better than the rest.

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Beleive it or not, the wording on the placement in the literature is interesting as the wording is different and leads to different interpretations. The Insignia Guide states




Nameplate, white letters on black plastic, No. 20100. Worn by all members, either above BSA strip, above interpreter strip, or centered on right breast-pocket flap. May also be worn at top edge of left breast pocket on male dress uniform or on right lapel of female dress uniform.


so the IG's wording says either. BUT if you look at the diagrams, they show with OA flap and without OA flap.


Now the Leader's inspection sheet states



Right Pocket


Optional insignia, if worn, is placed in the following order,

from the BSA strip upward: interpreter strip, Venture or

Varsity strip, name plate. The name plate may be worn on

the pocket flap if no lodge insignia is worn.


Again it sound as an either or proposition. And they only have 1 diagram.


And the Boy Scout/ Varsity Scout Inspection sheet states



Right Pocket

Nameplate, if worn, is centered above the BSA strip, interpreter

strip, and Venture or Varsity strip. If no Order of the Arrow lodge emblem is worn, the name plate is centered on the pocket flap.



So for Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts, if no OA insignia is worn, they must wear it on the flap.


Clear as mud, right? ;)

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That's also part of the problem too, thanks for pointing it out. If you look at supply's website they come in three colors:


Blank with white lettering for Scouting, Venturing, Cub Scouts, and Exploring, and white with red lettering and logo for the OA




And for commissioners, red with white lettering.




As for sea scouts, the now old manual stated black with white lettering, but Ships Stores deos sell them in Silver with black lettering, Black with White lettering, and White with blue lettering.



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An interesting thought -- years ago, one of my friend's dads (a Scout dad, even) pointed out to me that a natural place for those sticky name tags was above your right pocket, so that when you are introduced to someone, and shake hands with them, the eye is naturally drawn to that side.


But we scouts shake with the left hand! So wouldn't a more natural place for a name tag be on your lefthand side? :-)



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At Wood Badge I was given a leather name holder. Due to all of the stuff we had hanging off of our uniforms, i sewed the extra Shirt button under the left side pocket flap and wore mine there. I still wear it there because I haven't gotten my new order name tag from the Scout Shop yet. I do like the leather holder better because there's no pins on the back to stick into my chest.

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