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Saluting in "Class B" uniform

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Doesn't this just about cover it?




"First, when referring to uniforms, Class A and Class B are military terms that are not used in the BSA. The correct Scouting terms for the two versions of the uniform are "official uniform" and "activity uniform." Although less formal, the activity uniform is still considered an official uniform, and therefore it is appropriate for boys to use the Scout salute while wearing it during a flag ceremony."


And from Scouting.org (National BSA website):




"Wearing the Uniform -- In general, every Cub Scout should wear his uniform to all Cub Scouting activities, including den and pack meetings, unit outings, and any activities done with members of the den or pack. When playing sports, going to camp, or participating in other physical activities, a pack may opt to have the Cub Scouts wear an alternate uniform, such as an activity shirt. Pack leaders should provide advance notice of any occasion when the boys should wear anything other than the complete uniform.


Here are some tips for wearing the uniform:


DO keep the uniform clean and in good repair. The official uniform is a sturdy, machine-washable garment that will last for years with proper care.


DO be sure to wear the complete uniform. A Cub Scout wearing a uniform with parts missing is not in uniform.


DO NOT wear non-BSA badges, awards, or insignia on the Cub Scout uniform or make any alterations to the uniform or insignia.


DO NOT mix uniform parts with non-uniform clothing, such as wearing a uniform cap with other clothing or wearing the uniform shirt with blue jeans. The uniform should be treated as a unitworn in its entirety, or not at all."





BTW, if you beat a dead horse long enough, does it turn into glue? :-)

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I would highly doubt that the editor of Scouting magazine set's National Council policy. I do look at literature and publications and find many references that just a magazine article comment to support a personal opinion.


1) The policy statement on uniforms identify what sources are acceptable to determine what a scout uniform is.


2) One of those sources is the BSA catalog which has two different sections dealing with clothing, one marked uniforms and one marked apparel. They differentiate for a reason.


3) Rip's comments deal more with Cub Scouts than Boy Scouts because policy statements and publications like the Boy Scout Handbook do allow for the mixing of uniform parts and non-uniform parts in one special circumstance...outdoor activities. These activities are the casual dress which is not the full uniform which is expected to be worn for more formal activities such as flag ceremonies and indoor activites.


4) A search of the entire National Council website produces only one reference to an "activity uniform". It is in conjunction with strenuous outdoor activity. In this case it was in relationship to hiking. It is at those occasions that it is acceptable to mix non-uniform parts, i.e. activity shirts (as defined by BSA catalog, under the apparel section and not the uniform section), or troop/camp t-shirts with uniform pants, belt and socks. It does however makes explicit reference to this NOT being a full uniform, something that is not acceptable in the Cub Scout program. The comment described the presenter having the option of wearing the full uniform or the activity uniform. It did not make the distinction of the full uniform being a field uniform, dress uniform, or class A uniform, just full uniform vs. activity uniform.


But as I have said previously, there is no penalty for personal alterations of these issues stated by BSA, nor is there a penalty for non-compliance to the US Flag Code. But like the original poster stated, he has seen it both ways, meaning there are those out there that are doing it in a fashion of their own choosing.




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If you turn to page 12 of your Boy Scout Handbook, you will notice in upper case letters the name of the section covering pages 12 & 13 - "SCOUT UNIFORM." The last paragraph in the section titled "SCOUT UNIFORM" reads:


"For outdoor activities, Scouts may wear troop or camp T-shirts with Scout pants or shorts, or other appropriate attire."

A photo is included, showing a Scout dressed as described. The section titled "SCOUT UNIFORM" then ends.

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