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Greater St. Louis Area Council CSP top trade

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I'm not big into patch trading (and I have a Greater STL CSP. I believe it has the Gateway Arch on it?) but is it a hard and fast rule in the BSA that adults should not trade patches with youth? If so, ones inquiring about patch swapping should make sure they include their age or at least youth/adult info in their profile.

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acco40: I feel that one for one trades of current CSP's is fair game. Trading of vintage / limited items is another story.


On the other hand, I think we all have to be aware that many of the users here are youth members and we should act as we would with our own scouts. Some of the rants here (in the other topics) cross that line.



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As far as youth to youth and adult to adult trading, the only time I have beeen burnt in a trade was from a youth. The rule is in place at the national Jamboree, possibly to protect the adult traders. Many of the electronic bulletin boards where patch trading takes place does not have a profile sheet or has a profile sheet that is hard to access.

So it cmes down to being honest!


Gerry Bozman

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Here's my opinion from the youth's look at it:


On the internet, they only way I'm going to trade with somebody is if I feel like a know them fairly well and would trust them. In order for me to feel that way, they would have to have numerous posts, and be something that I could trust.


Offline, just somebody that I would have to trust. If it was CSP-CSP then I would just do it as long as the trade would happen right away.

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