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The Santa Clara County Council in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) has produced a new CSP.


The new patch picks up on a "retro" look of the old R&W. It is bright red with white lettering saying "Santa Clara County Council, BSA" in an arc across the top and "Silicon Valley, CA" along the bottom. It has a large flor de lis hidden in the background stitching pattern.


Production was limited to 1,000. In the future the CSP's will have a white rather than red border.


Very cool.

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I'm interested in a trade. Have Okaw Valley Council CSPs.


I go on vacation tommorow and won't be back on the boards 'til 2 Nov. Send me an PM on 2 Nov and we'll work out the details then



Cary P(This message has been edited by purcelce)

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