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Far East OA Lodge flap

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I'm looking for a transatlantic OA lodge flap, Black Eagle I think. My son just got home from our conclave, this lodge is a member of our section, but he wasn't able to get this patch before they were all gone. Can anyone help me? Sorry I had wrong area in title, but could also use one from this area if there is one.(This message has been edited by EagleWB)

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Is your OA Lodge the same as Korea's? If so,I would realy like to get a lodge flap. I was stationed there from 1983-1984. But because I was on the DMZ did not have much opertunity to participate in Scouting. Went to a few outings outside Seoul but nothing else.

I am now in the Pacific Northwest if you would like to trade a patch or flap, I have a few from different areas. I'm not a real collector. I just collect patches from area where I have been.

If you can help,




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Thanks KS! Wasn't sure if there was a different Chapter or something, Korea being a different country.


CR- would love to trade with you. We have two flaps right now, one pre-anniversary and one from this year to signify our 50yr anniv. I think both are $10. Let me know what you want to do!



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