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  1. Can i get some contact info on the TV spots? please I'm sure I can get the Armed Forces Network to play them
  2. Red Feather, With regard to what you have said about MOS, it sounds alot like the OA. Two weeks ago I was at the Black Eagle Lodge Fellowship and there are alot of grey haired Scouters there. Attaining the rank of Vigil is not easy probably just as difficult as the MOS's highest rank. What I do like is that we have A boy lead organization granted there are adult advisors, and all of the old grey haired types like to attened the Lodge executive councils, and stay invovled with the leadership but its the boys that have the final vote. I would have to find out more about MOS to ma
  3. I am currently one of the Chapter advisors in Black Eagle Lodge, You should be able to guess which one. I will be more than happy to get your son a patch.(This message has been edited by Mantowagan482)
  4. If i'm reading this post correctly most of the Mic-o-Say members are also OA members, Correct?
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