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Eagle Letters of Recommendation is NOT a requirement. Time to clear this up.

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Thank you everyone for entertaining me on my Friday evening. Just so everyone know this very discussion goes on continuously throughout the country and the more adults get involved the more complicated it gets.

I did read through the whole thing though and there are a few points.


Councils have the option to use reference letters but I believe the larger councils push this off on the district to handle the actually letters. As a distric we push it off to the troop. I will hold a BOR if I don't have all the letters, but usually the troop chair does there job so it was only an issue once this year.


No, our council does not have their procedures in writing.


So lets be clear at this point: Any scout who completes requirements 1 through 6 before their 18th birthday and is denied a board of review due to some procedure not spelled out in AC&P should immediately appeal by sending a letter to the DAC, then the CAC then national.


Have fun

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