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council policy on buying rank patches? or national?

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Actually I began thinking about this a little more. I do not believe that a "Crossover" is manditory, it is a ceremony. Also some key words here are "earned the Arrow of light" Once the boys complete all the requirements and its singed off, its earned, just not awarded. Technically, my son could have joined Boy Scouts back in January, handed in his application the day after he turned 10.5, as he already completed all the AOL requirements. We just waited for the tradition crossover at the B&G.

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The Pack chose to hold there blue and gold as well as awards ceremony and Arrow of light for 10 kids all the same night starting at 7pm. Maybe you are new to having that many arrow of light recipients and a substantial amount of awards to disperse to the other dens. By the time the pack got to the arrow of light it was already 9 pm and many of the tigers had already left for home.


Having had this experience with eight crossovers in the past I knew the length of the evening would be too much and the program could not hold itself to a reasonable end time with a formal crossover ceremony as well.


The Blue and Gold was in February and the Crossover will be in April. All the scouts will already of had their SM conferences and the advancement form completed so they will be bale to be awarded the scout badge at the cross over.


As I stated We as a pack and a troop had a back up plan and changed things to accomodate this plan.


I am getting somewhat frustrated with the number of holier then thou posters here. There is a reason there are not many new posters and the same diatribe from the few of you that are condemning and condescending with every post you write.


I have been reading this forum since its creation and althought this account has few posts, i have many.


Secret DE you are correct DWC has some of the best paid and unpaid staff in the program.


My original post was a question to ask if it was a council policy or a national policy to date no one still has answered that.


Thank you to the many of you that wrote to me in the private setting and offered to get the patches for me. I am a servant to the system and as such will have my advancement comittee memeber due her due diligence and follow the protocol of the council no matter how much I disagree with it.


I appologize for gettting the nickers of many of you all up in a bunch.


If anyone has the answer to my question I am listening!

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