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SM conference/ board of review

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Joni, you take a deep breath and decide whether or not it's worth taking on the SM with the rest of the committee on this issue. From your posts in another thread, I know this is an issue for you and it doesn't sound like your committee would back you up. As Advancement Chair, you don't have the power to hold up advancements that have been signed off. You can educate, but education is best done quietly, diplomatically, and slowly. In your other posts, it doesn't sound like you are willing to take that approach, either.


As an old saying goes, if you decide to take on the king, either be ready to kill him, or run.



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Retesting a scout on his skills at a BOR is strictly prohibited by national policy. The scout should know his knots and only the SM can retest the scout prior to his BOR.


A Board of Review is only to find out what the scout likes/dislikes about the program, changes he would like to see and additions/deletions to the program and any other information that he chooses to share with the review committee that is normally stated that it stays between them

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