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  1. I just came home from resident camp and the Scouts and I had the best time. Some Scouts did some challenging MB's and proudly competed them. Best year of camp I have ever been to.
  2. If certain people are on the EBOR can a SM refuse to participate?
  3. A good candidate for Scoutmaster is an adult that is active with his Scout and relates well with the other Scouts. Maybe he was a Cub Scout Den Leader before, did some training in Cub Scouts, crossed his Webelos Scouts with the Arrow of Light onto the Troop. With the Boy Scout program being different than Cub Scouts, maybe he is laying back to see how the program runs. Does he sit on the sidlines during the Scout meeting? Is he a registered Boy Scout leader in the Troop? Has he been camping or went on trips with the Troop? Has he done any Boy Scout leader training? Does he vounteer to dr
  4. We had a Scout go through his EBOR and they said he was now an Eagle Scout. He was our SPL at the time and he wanted to announce he was a Eagle Scout. He asked me if he should announce his new rank and I (SM) said he was not an Eagle Scout yet. Well, he was upset and his parents were mad. Well, it stated on the back of the official Eagle Scout application: "Presentation of the rank may not be made until the Eagle Scout credentials are received by the BSA local council." Yes , you use the EBOR date for Eagle rank, But it still has to be signed by the Scout Executive and forwarded
  5. Now I have had a lot of input on how to step down. I would like to be completely out of the Troop by 4/1/08. I would like to stay as a registered leader in the Troop, just not to be a SM from now to that date. It will give the CO over the summer to find a replacement SM.
  6. Yes, the CO is involved in this matter, and so is the District Commissioner and the District Executive.
  7. FScouter, I have known these people long enough and they don't care about anybody or anything but their own Scouts. I think it is time to abolish the TC and CC and start fresh to make everything fair for the Scouts.
  8. Scoutldr, That is exactly the answer I wanted to hear in you last post---the CC just can't make up the rules----The SM and PLC should aproach the TC on the topic with a need and the TC with the Treasurer should try to support the SM and PLC on their idea------not the CC making up all the rules for the Troop. Just because the CC scouts are doing High Adventure he is trying to get the Troop to pay for part of it...... but the whole Troop is not doing that activity.
  9. Can the CC make the proposed budget item descriptions and allocate how much goes into each one? The CC made a new item called "High Adventure Fund" without even consulting anyone about it. In the past any Scout that did High Adventure: Sea Base. Northern Tier, National Jamboree earned there own way and the Troop did not put in any money toward it. Not every Scout does High Adventure. What are your views? Isn't the CC suppose to make up the yearly budget with SM? Is it time for a new CC?
  10. I am not going to abandon the Troop, I would like to move up to CC, since I was the one responsible getting the Troop to where it is today. I unerstand the Troop fron the inside out, and also I would like to help get the older Scouts jump started on Eagle projects. I would also like to have some input to the next SM. There is one SA the Scouts don't like.....they always ask me if "Mr. ________ is going on the campout. I feel we have lost Scouts because of that SA. I would also make sure that no leaders have a "dual position" in the Troop like SA and Treasurer or MC. Have someone fr
  11. What is the correct way to step down as Scoutmaster? Do you contact your CO first? Or the COR? Or your UC? If any of you have done this before, I would like to know the right way and also keep the Troop growing instead of sliding backwards. I know a lot of SM's have put a great amount of time and training (I've completed Wood Badge in my tenure as SM, and did use it to improve the Troop operations) and they would also like to see the next SM to continue with success. It's been a hard decision to make but also for the past year I have been involved at the District level and have made the
  12. How about thr Sons of the American Legion?
  13. Thank you for your posts. That helps clear the air.
  14. Beavah. I like your first Coh plans and your right, their are more important issues to clear first in the troop with the adults. The first real damaging one is the Troop Committee for instance an assistant scoutmaster is the treasurer, the COR sits in the meetings and votes, the unit commissioner sits in on the meetings and votes, too many "dual positions" in the Troop to work against poor me, the Scoutmaster that has no say in anything.......
  15. Money can be a touchy subject.....a CC in our troop thinks he can dictate where the funds are going. He just took some of the funds toward high adventure trips because his sons are are doing high adventure and as SM I don't save any say in the troop funds. Our TC is really screwed up and I am taking measures to correct (or oust) this arrogant CC. I think the whole TC should be abolished because many are husband/wife and are doing dual roles in the troop
  16. does someone make up the rules as they go along?
  17. why does this post twice?
  18. Do the merit badges have to be earned after eagle rank date to qualify for Eagle Palms?
  19. Does the SM have to approve the Eagle COH ceremony that the Eagle Scout has chosen?
  20. Does the Eagle Scout have to get the SM's OK on his Eagle Scout ceremony?
  21. How do you select an assistant Scoutmaster? Does the CO select them or does the SM? How do you ask an SA to leave the Troop?
  22. I don't have a copy of the ceremony yet. The older Scouts don't want to be involved because they feel it is an intentional mockery because of the arogant parents of this Eagle ceremony.
  23. I have a problem with this COH ceremony.....as the scouts enter the cereomy they stand by the sign of their current rank. Some of the Life rank scouts are 16-17 years old and have expressed the humiliation of a 14 and 15 year old walking past them to stand at the Eagle rank. Have you ever seen a Eagle COH like this? It is the 15 year olds Eagle COH. Do you think his parents are trying to "showboat" their new Eagle scout?
  24. So after the EBOR, the candidate is a Eagle-in-waiting until the offocial paperwork comes back to council from national. That is when you can offically award the EAGLE rank.
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