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  1. Thanks Calico, I will suggest your policy to the TC. Thanks to everyone for your posts to this question
  2. The problem is there is three husband/wife teams that seem that they want everthing to go their way. The husbands are registered SA's and the wives are TC. The SA's are also on the TC (my fault for starting a TC without knowing BSA guidelines) serving on two unit positions when the CC said they can vote on TC action and I can't. Am I just a puppet in the troop? I'm getting run over all the time. They will trust me with their scouts life on a campout(One SA has been at no campouts and the other SA once in a year)but yet they all want to run the troop.
  3. When does an Eagle Scout officially (in the public eye) become an Eagle Scout? After the Board of Review or the Eagle Court of Honor?
  4. In general, is the Scoutmaster held accountable for the equiptment that is leagally owned by the Charter Organization?
  5. Is the Scoutmaster responsible for the Troop Equiptment? Does the Charter Organization hold the Scoutmaster accountable?
  6. What is the Scoutmaster responable for in the TROOP? Program and what else?
  7. What is your opinion on Troop by-laws or policies? Does BSA policies serve well enough to run an effective program?
  8. Yeah, That was another thing.....I had 6 of them trained and it did not make any difference. The training should state that you can't hold 2 positions in the same unit, like SA and TC.
  9. There are problems within the adult leadership in the Troop. As a WB ticket item I stated I would form a TC and have them trained. Since then things have gone out of control. I did not realize that it was up to the CO to recruit the CC. Then the Committee has all the SA's sitting on it with their wives and it has become a big mess. As a SM, I have lost my input in the TC meetings because all the SA's seem to know how to run the Troop better than I and they can vote on issues and I can't. I am glad to find out that BSA policy is that you cannot be registered in two positions in one unit. I am
  10. What is the term of office for the Troop Committee Chair? Is the term up to the Charter Organization? Can Assistant Scoutmasters be on the Troop Committee?
  11. Your Charter Organization Rep, Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner and District Executive should be able to help.
  12. What is the best way to do the accounting budget for the Troop? Also, what are your guidelines on Scout accounts like how do you do Troop fundraising and split it among the Scouts and what percent do you keep for the Troop operating expences? What can the Scout use his account for? What do you do when the Scout leaves the Troop and there is funds left in his account?
  13. What is the term of office of the Troop Committee Chair and how do you get a bad one removed from the position?
  14. OGE, I am going to ask the question tommorrow at the Troop Meeting how many Scouts plan to go with the Troop, Provisional or both.
  15. Dear OGE, WE have one parent on the Troop Committee that insists we go to the same camp every year (Is it because the parent has a son working as staff at that camp?). The Troop planning Conference last August presented their plans for the coming year to the TC and was given the OK with their plans. The parent is pushing "that same camp" to the Scouts as provisional campers when the "PLC" has been given the OK with their plans to go as a Troop to another camp. What would you do?
  16. Myself as a Scoutmaster finally had my first Eaglw COH after being Scoutmaster for the past 5 years. Another Eagle COH is coming shortly in our Troop. 2 more Life scouts are presently working their Eagle projects. We have not had and Eagle Scouts in the Troop for over 8 years. 8 Scouts from our Troop and myself went to the 2005 National Jamboree. I've done a major rebuild of our Troop in the past 5 years.
  17. My best jamboree moment was to see all the uniformed Scouts and Scout Leaders at the arena field waiting the see President Bush on stage. I also slept under the stars the last night because we broke down camp the night before we were to go home. All the patch trading going on was awsome!!
  18. Who is to say where thse Troop is to attend Boy Scout Resident Camp? The Boy Scouts of the Troop, The Scoutmaster or the Troop Committee?
  19. What do you do when th SM has a personality conflict with the CC? The CC has never been registered in the Troop until he became the CC. The Charter Organization did not appoint him in the position....he just vounteered to be the CC when the Troop formed a real TC when the SM was rebuilding the Troop. Now all kinds of problems have started since he took CC.
  20. Mark S. quoted: "Something is definitely wrong when the SM is in charge of your program instead of your PLC". Mark S: Do you think I am going to let the Scouts dictate what time I donate of vacation from work? I don't think so and I am not going to let the parents do it either. Beavah Quoted: that scoutin' is just like any other youth activity. They don't get a say in the football schedule or when the band concert is either.
  21. How long should the TC hold their office?
  22. MB I was talking about was Entreprenuer and Salesmanship for the Troop fundraising project. They selfish parents also work on MB's during Troop meetings until their Scouts finish and then they drop the ball for the other Scouts and don't even follow up to complete the other incomplete. What do you say to a MB councilor who starts and finishes a MB before the SM ok's the Scout for that MB? (signes the blue card) How about the parents who hang at the Scout meeting and gather all the info for their Scout on Troop activities and wonder why the other Scouts don't get the info home about activities.
  23. These same parents always want to get their own way like have their Scouts go to the same old resident camp and want us to plan our trips around their schedule. What do you say to them? The SM is in charge of program, isn't he in charge of what date....he is the one using all of his vacation time from work.
  24. I have parents and Assistant Scoutmasters that will only support out Troop program if their Scout is going to be involved. Our last fundraiser would have offered a couple of merit badges like they did last year but since their Scout already had the merit badge they did not offer it to the new Scouts. They have Scout off to a OA weekend and don't offer to help with Scouting for Food. What do you say to parents that are involved in the Troop just for their own Scout?
  25. I have a Scout who has started his Eagle Service Project. Our Council Eagle BOR requires a church recomendation. This Scout does not go to church and as far as I know he is not a member of any church . On the recomendation it states: a Scout must show that he has actually put into service the Ideals and Principals of the Scout Oath (Duty to God) and Scout Law. What is going to happen?
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