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  1. The one canidate has been a scoutmaster for a troop in a different council where he use to live. He has been very active with his old district & council and very knowledge about the Scouting program as a whole, he has been involved w/ training thru the district. The dad from the troop has been an asst in the troop, he works nights (2nd shift) & has not attended many meetings. At this time the unit still does not hold PLC. It has been since March that the majority (more than 3/4) of the scouts have joined and nothing was changed. What are some good questions to ask when interviewing
  2. What is the process for picking a scoutmaster for a troop? What sort of qualifications should we be looking for? Does anyone have guidelines that would be helpful? We have a very qualified person - not with in our troop that is interested and than we have a dad that is not quailified. And at this point the troop is in a mess, they don't even do PLC's or do things by patrol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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