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  1. Scoutnut, yes I created a tool to help my friends and I organize our own trip, and am not going to hide that fact, check out my intro here awhile back http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=366663 Plugging is not my intention at all, and was not even going to mention it, I'm simply trying to see what other scout troops nowadays are doing things. Learning about what's out there is part of my way of continuing to share that knowledge with others. I have only been exposed to my old troop, my venture crew, and my nephew's troops processes which I now help out at. Sorry i
  2. Hi there, From the adult perspective, organizing a campout requires logistical coordination for transportation, carpooling, expense sharing. I've seen some coordinators: 1) Handout hand printed directions 2) Let the kids choose what car they drive in 3) Reimburse each parent who drives with the same amount of money Is that how other coordinators handle this? Are there any online tools / software that any of you use to help with this process? Thanks! James
  3. Boy Scouts are definitely romanticized. The older I get ( I'm only a 27 year old eagle scout right now, so not that old at all ), I notice that people develop quite an amazing generalizations: * Wilderness Survival * Insta-Leader * Service above Self Great to be a Boy Scout!
  4. I highly recommend http://www.mailchimp.com , they are free if you're sending under 12,000 emails per month, they have pre-existing templates
  5. Seriously great suggestions both of you =) I will definitely take a look and see whats around. If I end up doing anything I will definitely let you know of the results of your encouragement.
  6. Hey there! I lead these trips just as a hobby. Friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends. The amount of people just keep growing. In terms of getting involved with scouts, I'm just not sure where I fit in anymore. Here in Oakland I think there are a lot of nonprofits helping get high risk, inner city youth out to the outdoors; but I don't see much scouts exposure. I also assumed if you don't have a child in the scouts, its frowned upon to help out at a scout troop, at least thats how it was in my council back in the day. What kind of involvement do you think
  7. Hey there Scouters! I am an eagle scout from Troop 36 in the Orange County Council in California. When I was in scouting, backpacking was my thing. I went to Philmont twice as a scout, once as a volunteer, and once as an adult leader. Now that I'm in my late 20's, I am no longer involved with scouting but I am still an avid overnight backpacker, kayaker, and biker. I lead groups of 10-25 individuals in the outdoors at least once a month, teaching them the skills I learned in Boy Scouts. I'm located in the SF Bay Area now and spend my time on weekend adventures and innovating with
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