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  1. My reader opens any particular book to the page where you left it last. It also allows you to create numerous hard bookmarks for each book, but it does not allow you to create text notes for each bookmark. It just lists the pages bookmarked and lets you jump to them. It also includes a text search feature.
  2. addendum...a few of the free scout related books available for download from Google ebooks: Title The boy scout Author Richard Harding Davis Publisher Scribner's, 1914 Title The Boy Scouts' year book Author Boy Scouts of America Publisher Published for the Boy Scouts of America [by] D. Appleton and Company, 1915 Title Handbook for scout masters: Boy scouts of America Author Boy Scouts of America Publisher Boy scouts of America, 1913 Title The Official handbook for boys Author Boy Scouts of America Edition 4 Publisher Doubleday, Page & compa
  3. I have a Libra e-reader I managed to score for $20 as a closeout. I think it's great...but I'm happy reading the classics which are mostly free. Just finished Dracula and an 1869 book about brook trout fishing. In a couple hours surfing the web, I put hunderds of free books on it. Very convenient for traveling. I picked up the Handbook for Boys and an old SM Handbook in the E-Pub format from Google. Not sure if Google supports the kindle format, but it has plenty of EPUB abd TXT books.
  4. It sounds like you son publicly challeneged/insulted/embarrassed the adult leadership at the campout. If that's what happened, maybe the adult leaders don't think he's ready for Eagle yet. A punishment is called for IMHO. I would think 60-90 days no camping and an apology would be appropriate. When an adult leader doesn't pass a boy on his life BOR, it doesn't necessarily mean he or she is trying to "single-handedly tried to derail our son's progress". It could mean many things (perhaps your son wasn't ready for the rank). Sometimes the volunteers trying hardest to help a scout get t
  5. Realize that a strong desire to help these boys might not be enough to overcome a lack of specialized training in their conditions. Depending on the severity of their conditions, you may need to ask a parent to attend the events with their son. Don't let it get to the point where other boys, leaders, and parents begin leaving your troop because they can no longer deal with it.
  6. As I read the MB requirements, he can use a compoung bow and he does not need to be 14. His MB counselor can inform him of when and where he may do his shooting. Bear in mind that his Scoutmaster must first sign his blue card.
  7. A sugestion: Have your son email an invite to his friend. Ask him to print the response and submit it to his SM.
  8. I will certainly be forwarding this idea to my troop's PLC. And I feel certain that most, if not all, would be very interested. Fortunately for us, the 4H kids right down the road raise meat rabbits and sell them for $5 each.
  9. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but the leader was within their rights, even if I don't agree with it. I would hestitate to "turn her in" unless you are prepared to volunteer in her stead.
  10. Engineer, You are selling your boys short. I've seen boys take the life of an animal and they obtain a respect for life that many kids and adults never reach. Scouting is about teaching boys to be responsible men. Killing an animal can absolutely be an appropriate activity for most young boys and can help them take one step closer to being a responsible man. You are wrong to state that killing animals causes "abhorrent behavior in society". There is no proof of that and millions of examples to disprove it. You are also wrong to say that throughout history children "NEVER" partic
  11. Around my way, kids start hunting at 12 years old. I don't see what's so disturbing about it. This has been going on for generations.
  12. I read the G2SS. Dull? I guess. Certainly not impossible to read through. I don't recall it saying why these activities are prohibited. I'd guess that there's more to it than simple worry about slipping and falling. There's enough of that in the woods. I think it has to do with responsibility and attitude about firearms. Some feel that once you're responsible enough to handle the real thing, toys that reinforce non-safe behavior should be left behind.
  13. My unit has boys at Tenderfoot who have many 2nd Class and 1st Class requirments complete. Would the January 1, 2010 deadline mean they should continue with he old 2nd class requirments but use the new for 1st class? Or can they work out of the old book for both since they are both "started"? I'd hate to have to ask them all to buy another book so soon.
  14. My $.02... I've seen very effective female leaders in BSA troops. From my experience, the BSA is very accepting of women in leadership roles. I wonder if the Girl Scouts recipricate so. The only concern I would ever have would be if my son's troop became dominated by nearly all female leaders. My concern would not be the quality of leadership, but for the lack of male role models for my son. I personally believe that adolescent boys benefit from seeing men of good character functioning in leadershp and volunteer roles. There are far too many glorified criminals and thugs in
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